The Fastest Ways to Accomplish a Recruiter Hate You

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The key to getting the perfect job opportunity is not only limited to hard work and your qualifications but it also depends upon the ability to impress the recruiters as well. In this blog, we will be discussing the ways to avoid if you don’t want to annoy your recruiter. Well, some mistakes are literally blunders, which can irritate and annoy anyone, but certain faults can make the recruiters run away from you.

Recruiters are someone at the authority who is hired to handle the roles and responsibilities of choosing, finalizing and hiring a new talent. Moreover, with their ample knowledge and experience, they can help you meet the employer’s needs and requirements while providing you with a job that is the best fit for you. If you are looking for a job, then you should consider the following points.

1.Being professional is the key

Imagine you are asked to take someone’s interview and the candidate walks in with shabby-old clothes and least prepared with documents, what would you do? For ages, people have stressed on the fact that the first impression is the last impression. And no matter how good you are, such a thing will only restrict the chance of getting selected.

Likewise, it is advised that when you are going for an interview you should be dressed appropriately as well as carry all the required papers and documents with you. Moreover, be on time. Even though we might hear people saying that they were not prepared for the interview with the recruiter and that’s why they did not get selected. But in the end there is no room for excuses, right? You may lose a good opportunity for being not prepared for it. Basically, the recruiters don’t work for you; they work for their client’s openings and in such times, you can’t make them wait or give an improper presentation.

2.Don’t talk about bucks when not asked

The interview process is a risky deal and you have to be extra careful about what you say and how you say it. One wrong move can land you in a series of trouble as well as get you on the verge of risking your job. In such times, the experts advise you not to mention anything about the monetary value as it can really piss the employers as well as the recruiters off.

Yes, money is an important determinant that affects the process of job hunt but it should be discussed only when asked. Moreover, the employers need a perfect candidate that is best fit for their needs as well as requirements but when a job seeker asks for how much you will pay, on the first basis it could lead to a point which can further hamper your image. This is due to the fact that it creates a negative image on the minds of the employer that you are here for your own good and not for the company’s overall betterment.

3.Be honest

Well, the interview is all about unraveling the job seekers best points as well as knowing what their interest is in. Moreover, even you won’t work for tasks that you are not interested in, right? Even if you are forced to do that work, it will not produce the best results. At such times, it is advisable that you should tell them directly that what your interest is and what are your skill-sets are.

Furthermore, a recruiter can be considered as a salesman that is entrusted with a responsibility to get a lead or in simpler terms, fill a particular empty spot with the best of talent. In such times, he will only analyze you by the points you mention or your qualifications described in the resume. Therefore, it is recommended that you tell them well in advance what are you looking for and what is not in your interest.

4.Do not be hard to contact

Imagine that you are asked to take someone’s interview but you find hard to contact that candidate, what will you do? Such a sight will not only leave you super annoyed but even create a negative impact on the candidate’s image, right? We are in the era that has a lot of competition and let us remind you, you are not an only candidate for this job. A particular company when has an opening gets flooded with a lot of response from the interested candidates. In such times, if you are too hard for the employers to contact, then it is possible that they may consider you a lost lead.

5.Don’t contact the employer when dealing with a recruiter

Let us get this fact straight; recruiters are here to maintain a healthy relationship between the employer and the job seeker. But in such cases, while you are discussing your future terms with the recruiter you should not contact the employer directly through other means. You may wonder why? The answer to this is very simple. It will create a series of confusion as well as may create the recruiter look bad. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a stepwise step procedure and don’t contact the employer when dealing with the recruiter unless you are asked to do so.

6.It’s not okay to continuously nag them

A recruiter is bestowed with a huge responsibility to not only fill a particular position for a client but for different clients and multiple companies as well. In such times, they may take a specific amount of time to go through your resume. In such cases, it is recommended to have some patience and don’t attack them with a series of continuous phone calls, emails, etc.

7.Ignore a valuable feedback from the recruiter

An employee may be thin-skinned and may not be able to take a negative review or a feedback. This is where you go wrong. A recruiter has an ample knowledge and experience and knows well the interview tactics and games. If you can’t take their advice seriously it is your loss and not theirs.

On a concluding note, we can summarize that losing a great opportunity doesn’t spare with your excuse. In simpler terms, no matter if this is your first job or second, these mistakes can land you in a series of trouble.

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