Text Message and Email Notifications Setting

  • Chibbz offers to alert its users of relevant and new forming job opportunities via a text message or email. Users can opt for these facilities which will enable them to not only view the job available but to apply directly via a link contained in the description. 


    You can avail this facility by performing the following steps: 

    1. Sign in to your Chibbz account 

    2. Select ‘Get text Alerts’ in the drop down menu which will appear when you bring your cursor over the ‘Me’ prompt located in the corner, at the top of your dashboard. 

    3. Feed your mobile number required in the relevant box and then select the ‘Text Me to Get Started’ option. 

    By selecting the Text me to Get Started service you will be liable to our terms of use as an applicant to the SMS service along with the accompanying charges. 

    You are now set to avail the alert text service. 
  • Your Alerts page offers you the option to customize your alerts. In case you are not satisfied with the Alert Types you are allowed to change, remove or add new alert to your page. You will be required to perform the following steps: 

    1. Navigate to your job alerts page. 

    2. Select the ‘Create Job Alert’ option. you can also this option to edit an alert. 

    3. Click ‘edit’ to change a job alert type. 

    4. Similarly, click on delete to remove an alert. 
    1. Sign in to your Chibbz account. 

    2. Go to the Job Alerts section on top of the page and select it. 

    3. Upon selecting the Alerts prompt, a list will be displayed comprising of all of your alerts. You can click on the delete button under each notification if you wish for that alert to be removed. 

    Upon deleting the alert, it will be removed from your dashboard. 
  • You can stop receiving alerts via the following way: 

    1. Go to the Job Alerts tab and select it. 

    2. You are allowed to either remove the alerts individually by clicking on the delete button located under each alert, or you can opt for collective deletion by clicking on ‘delete all alerts’ available at the bottom end of the page. 

    You can also unsubscribe from any job alert emails. The link is available in each job alert email, placed at the bottom. 
  • Chibbz has an automated criterion to drive suggested jobs in preferred locations towards you. These suggestions depend upon the keywords and locations you have been feeding in our search bar while looking for jobs that are relevant to you and in close proximity. 

    If you have changed locations then you can perform the following steps to change the location of the suggested jobs accordingly: 

    1. Continue Applying for Jobs: Keep applying for jobs in the same way as you previously did and mention your new location, our site will automatically pick on your new location and direct relevant alert traffic towards you 

    2. Exemplify via Search Results: opt for ‘anywhere’ as you choose a location, then launch a selective search based on your preferred location out of the jobs available. The search engine will fix it location’ radius accordingly. 

    On average it takes our system at least ten search feeds to determine your preferred location accurately. 

  • Chibbz allows its user to opt out of the SMS alert service by simply responding to our latest SMS with a ‘STOP’ message. However, doing this once will render your phone number unusable for a similar subscription. 

    1. Answer the last SMS alert from Chibbz by typing ‘STOP’ 

    2. Now select ‘send’ to unsubscribe from this service shortly after. 


Chibbz dispenses job alerts and notifications to alert users of new and incoming job opportunities. The following article will educate on managing your alerts.