Terms Of Use & Service

Serving to Safeguard Your Rights and Define Your Responsibilities as Chibbz’s Users


Chibbz is not authorized to issue permission to its users to exploit information pertaining to:

  1. A user’s suitability or entitlement to any form of an insurance
  2. A user’s Current state of employment, unless specified by the user himself/herself
  3. A user’s status of governmental license or privileges

Using Our Content

As per the terms and conditions that Chibbz binds you to follow, you may only visit our site for navigation, services and other uses, in accordance with Chibbz’s Terms of Use & Service policy. Moreover, you can save and print content from our website so long as its purpose does not infringe upon our policy jurisdiction and only pertains to professional and career management needs. Unauthorized use of our content including text and other types such as the icons displayed in our interface, the audio messages available, our program software, images, symbols, and the collective data termed as the Chibbz Content will make you guilty of violating copyright and other laws such as trademark etc. Every form of content collectively is the sole property of the Chibbz Worldwide, Inc U.S copyright and trademark laws protect it from unauthorized use or intellectual theft. Since our content is protected under the copyrights act we vehemently advice you to refrain from violating our terms of use. Preservation of the copyright, trademark and other patented notices on our website is advised if you venture into any authorized imitation of our content.

If Chibbz creates its own codes for the generation of our website is solely our property and under no circumstances must an outsider make any unauthorized use of it.

Making use of content procured from our website, reproducing it, publicly sharing this information without taking responsibility, displaying our information and content, all for the purpose of promoting, benefitting or selling services that are not part of Chibbz Worldwide, Inc, will land you under serious charges of copyright violation and intellectual theft. You will also be persecuted in case found guilty of exploiting Chibbz’s website for socially disparaging us, creating and dissipating vague rumours and false information about our website or the site owners, intellectual thievery of our information that could result in discrediting Chibbz as the rightful owners or any other act which violates our terms of use.

By using our website you pledge abstinence from any unauthorized use of our content, and benefiting other website, application services or any professional network via illegal means of copyright violation and intellectual robbery. This also applies to the Chibbz’s self-created codes which are used to generate our website.

Terms of Use

The following page delineates the Terms under which we operate and which our users will have to comply with in order to access and utilize our services. The terms and conditions sections will also shed light on, and make use of Chibbz’s Privacy Policy by incorporating it in our Terms and Conditions Policy.

The terms and conditions adumbrated on this page formulate the policy pursuant to which our customers enter into an agreement contract with Chibbz. Please take note that every time you gain access to our website, use it as a business venture, or utilize any of our services you state your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Incase any clause of our Terms and Conditions policy is unacceptable to you, please refrain from securing access to our website or utilizing any of our services.

The Term Chibbz Website will refer to every site that is operated under the supervision of Chibbz Worldwide, Inc, which includes Chibbz,com, Chibbz Services and the site that divulged you our Terms and Conditions policy. Chibbz Services refer to all the services that can be availed online by our user, which start with navigating our page to posting information about yourself, creating resumes, posting advertisements or scanning advertisements that are posted on our website, looking for relevant customers or career options. Chibbz Services also include all those applications which you access via other websites such as Facebook or which operate on devices other than your computer with any other OS.

To make our career management stratagem more effective and enhance user participation by establishing better professional and personalized networks Chibbz has adopted various tools for online communication between a three tiered grid of Chibbz staff, our job listers and job seekers. The latter two groups are collectively catered to by Chibbz as its users. At Chibbz, users have the opportunity to make themselves better known to potential employers or employees by creating and customizing their own profiles. These profiles can also be adjusted to different settings of visibility i.e. our users can make their profiles public or private at will. When you sign in to your Chibbz account to create your profile, you automatically give your consent to Chibbz to update your profile by appending additional information that it secured from other websites which publicly showcase this data.

Please note that it is important on the part of the Chibbz Users to frequently visit our terms and Conditions page in order to keep themselves updated on the revisions that we regularly make to our Terms and Conditions policy.

Infringement upon or violation of any clause listed in our Terms and Conditions policy can culminate in legal action, suspension or forceful termination of the account belonging to the user that is guilty of such an act.

Chibbz’s website is available for access and utilization by users that are either thirteen years old or above. Users who are eighteen or below are advised to use our website with the discretion and under the guidance of their parents, their lawful guardian or any other person who can willingly take responsibility for their actions in case of dispute.

Privacy Warning

You can safeguard your personal information especially pertaining to your NIC, credit card and bank account numbers and social security code in the best way possible by never divulging it on our website for the benefit of potential recruiters.

User Content and submissions

Everything posted by the user whether graphics or videos or advertisements or any content will be the user’s responsibility and will be under the vision of Chibbz team policies and user terms.

Chibbz team has the right to change in any content according to the terms and the quality of the content looking at the terms and policies of Chibbz which means the user will be having the responsibility to follow the rules and rights of the Chibbz.

The Chibbz will stop the license within the reasonable period of commercials when user content is removed from Chibbz such contents have the royalty-free and non-exclusive worldwide services and it’s having other features of the license.

Moreover, by posting your content, including your data, text messages, images and photographs etc. you give your authorization to Chibbz to use that content as per the professional requisites of the site. If you post information on behalf of a third- party licensor, he/she must transfer all rights pertaining to the handling of that information to you and that you have the authority to issues the above stated license to Chibbz to subject your content to any sort of improvisation or professional use. Posting any categorial information on our site will likewise enable every user of our site to view, download and save that content as per his/her personal needs. Moreover, when you post any kind of content on our site you become authorized for the stated User rights in our policy. When you post any content on our site, make sure to review our terms and conditions policy in order to avoid any unintended violation of our policy. Under our policy’s discretion we are allowed to remove/delete your content, following with a possible persecution act, in case your posted content appears to be infringing upon or violating our Terms and Conditions, damaging our website’s reputation or disparaging another user’s credibility or social security in any way. If Chibbz holds a User eligible for violating any of these terms then it is authorized to carry out appropriate measures for its termination in the form of excluding the user from our site, and blocking his/her access to our website for life. User content that appears to verge on defaming our site, damaging our ISPs or Suppliers’ network or violating our policies automatically renders Chibbz to take suitable actions against such a user.

Chibbz, under no circumstances, can be held responsible for ensuring the authenticity of every categorial content, personal or professional information, advertisements, resumes, jobs, etc. posted on the site by its users. Chibbz’s Terms and Conditions policy along with the Privacy Policy makes it very clear to its users that they are solely responsible for the protection of their personal and public information and that reliance or communication with a user of interest is to be made at your own risk.

The following terms of use regulate your activity on site. Please note that the list is incomplete and is adumbrated for a quick perusal and understanding of our policies.

Chibbz users are strictly compelled to refrain from:

  • Posting content that verges on or propagates covert or overt excitement of negative feelings, racial slurring, condemning ethnicity or biological make-up of an individual or collective user group, or discriminatory practice of any sort;
  • Harassment or perpetuating or supporting harassment and/or public shaming;
  • Damaging the website’s reputation by engaging in the scam- emailing, email bombing, phishing or spoofing practices or transferring junk mails or chain letters.
  • Indulging in any kind of user abuse, defamation, disparagement, blackmail, or inciting indulgence in any of the above-mentioned practices;
  • Assisting copyright infringers and intellectual robbers in their schemes to secure, redesign or replicate our content as their own via processing crucial information related to our sources codes or links, manoeuvring around or assisting in manoeuvring around devices that safeguard our site from copyright infringement; securing or transferring links to our music and other media content to unauthorized people;
  • Posting dubious or suspicious-looking content that requires the viewer to enter some sort of password or other credentials for complete viewing;
  • Posting material that may be indecent or sexually provoking or explicit;
  • Exploiting or manipulating unprotected and naïve users especially below the age of eighteen with blackmailing of some sort, sexual harassment or pestering for information which you are not authorized to access;
  • Using our website as a promotional platform for activities that are unlawful or which violate our Terms and Conditions policy. You are not allowed to post any information that could motivate other users to indulge in misguided activities or false assumptions about us or any other entity. You cannot use this site to indulge or motivate others to indulge in unlawful business practices such as selling prohibited drugs, introducing malware etc.;
  • Pestering Chibbz users to divulge crucial and identifiable information such as their disclosure of their passwords, the national identification number, the social security code etc.


The profile made by the job seeker must describe their own person and not have another people’s information. They are not limited to profiles with the character of a person, but that includes fictional characters and animals or a place, a profile must introduce your own person and nothing more. Due to the effect on employers and wasting time and the security reasons of Chibbz, People who do such things will have undesirable actions like terminating accounts or access taking from them.

Profiles took from user content will be available in the Chibbz site. Chibbz isn’t responsible for these type of profiles so it comes to the employer’s view when evaluating profiles and they’re not related to the quality of service of Chibbz in any way. The Employer here should make a good search about the employee or the job seeker to be specific and try to get the best profiles and start knowing whether they’re truthful or not and report to Chibbz team on seeing anything that breaches the security or the terms stated.

It’s a must to maintain our quality and service and keep getting further better for our clients and users so it’s appreciated giving comments to build up better quality. It must be known that policy of Chibbz doesn’t accept any creative ideas or new materials or suggestions or even inventions. Chibbz only accepts comments and opinions on the concerning services or anything that could be money making or revenue giving.

In any case that someone who comments sent an idea or anything related to something not concerning Chibbz, it’s considered to be a Chibbz property and you don’t have the right to ask back for your revenue or anything about the idea even if it’s made in the Chibbz platform or made by the Chibbz site, which is stated firmly in the terms.

Using Chibbz Services

Our services such as posting of your personal information, resume or advertisement is only meant to cater the needs of viewer who visit our website for the purpose which it essentially serves, i.e., career building and management. This category includes viewers who need to find employment, or those who are looking forward to recruiting new talent. Chibbz also permits its users access to its profile and resume database and save copies of individual resumes so long as these only serve authorized and professional purposes. Our terms also apply in case where you and Chibbz are part of a special contractual agreement, with your contractual policies as the official decree if this contract does not coincide with our predefined terms of use. Posting information on Chibbz refers to every mode of transporting your personal information to us.

Chibbz has also outlined its privacy policy in a lucid and organized manner. You must hence strive to safeguard any personal information in accordance with the privacy terms must be observed on the part of the user. Safeguarding your information will require you to abstain from divulging sensitive information such as your password, social security codes, or other such information. Chibbz can hold you responsible for any indiscreet activity on our website via your account regardless of whether you personally participated in it or not.

#All Chibbz Users agree to not:

(a) Breach privacy policy of Chibbz, in addition to not messing with the materials and Chibbz contents, it means no transmission and no distribution and no posting.

(b) Make actions that could cause so much load on the Chibbz’s infrastructure which is not suitable and will distract the Chibbz services and provide quality.

(c) Use any third party program not approved by Chibbz, Chibbz approves some web browsers and tools and some build in site searching tools.

Using a navigation device or any other is not suitable too.

(d) Start making any data mining using robots or programs, also using any type of robots or data gathering programs.

Using any extraction methods or any programs that would gather information out of Chibbz without permission wouldn’t be suitable for the user agreement.

(e) Try any programs that would cause security breaches, or even do any attempt to breach security using Network or any un-authorized attempts.

Breaching security wouldn’t be suitable for the user agreement and would cause undesirable actions.

Includes copying an unauthorized copies or breaching copyrights or work, or even take information of other parties or users of Chibbz’s into the profile.

(f) Create any TCP headers, or any information concerning that in any e-mail or group posting.

(g) Make any reverse engineer works or try to know the actual structure of Chibbz.

It will expose the user to security breaching category, and undesirable actions would happen, decompiling any part of Chibbz site is included in the term (g)

(h) Copy or duplicate any content in the Chibbz site, where anyone will be exposed to undesirable actions if they perform any information copying even for the old posts and expired ones, just the permitted things in these terms of use.

(i) Link any Chibbz content to another website, which means taking the information available from any Chibbz site, except the ones permitted in these terms.

(j) Make any content harmful materials such as misleading information about anything in the Chibbz sites.

That includes illegal activities such as buying weapons or leading to weapons trading, breaching the security of privacy of members of Chibbz, and mostly creating Viruses that could come around Chibbz or make any pirate media platforms for the users of Chibbz’s.

Any of the above will cause law questionnaire.

(k)Exceed the limit of another party and posting a resume or any applying information for any job.

(l) Be involved in impeding any contact between employers or agents.

(m) Post or re-create the same resume or CV to public, to reach better probability.

(n) Give personal information of account or password or any accessing information to a third party to access Chibbz.

(o) Make a resume or any profile in Chibbz that has information or biographical status that’s not for the user himself or not really existing.

Using data that doesn’t belong to you to log into an account or server, which is not authorized for you to use.

(p) Make a visible content to any hidden pages or images or restricted data.

(q) Change any data made by any other Chibbz user.

(r) Ask passwords or personal information from other users

(s) Delete or change anything posted by other person or Chibbz team member.

(t) Harass anyone in any way or harassing any group or party.

(u) Make any contact with users in something different than the Chibbz purpose such as contacting people for advertisement or people not having the authorization to contact by Chibbz.

(v) Make movements that would harm Chibbz or destroy its security such as virus submitting or overloading programs or spamming or crashing or any program that would harm Chibbz.

(w) Assist copyright infringers and intellectual robbers in their schemes to secure, redesign or replicate our content as their own via processing crucial information related to our sources codes or links, maneuver around or assist in maneuvering around devices that safeguard our site from copyright infringement; securing or transferring links to our music and other media content to unauthorized people.

(x) Use Chibbz‘s platform for conducting malpractices that may hurt another person’s feelings, disparage another user, incite hatred, vilify a user especially on personalized grounds such as race, religion, beliefs; also blackmail any user, harass them sexually or otherwise; post sexually explicit content; exasperate or mortify others, make others apprehensive or uneasy in any way or any other such activity that might verge on violating any of the stated terms of use

Violations of Network security or the system as overall will expose the responsible to be in Criminal liability. Chibbz will be regularly investigating these actions and movements and will be in contact with law enforcement to reach and prosecute users involved in such actions.

Policy regarding termination of users who infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others

Chibbz respects the IP, IP is the abbreviation of the Intellectual property of others .Chibbz asks Users and clients and even content providers who are supposed to be partners to Chibbz according to the terms of the team. They provide wide range of terms to support the copyrights and other related privacy and policy conditions that protects the users of Chibbz site , which is asked back from the users to be truthful and take care to not to breach any term of stated or any privacy policy and finally not to skip or disrespect any intellectual property.

According to all the stated restrictions about trademarks and copyrights and reproduction rules and all the aspects close to this one, it must be respected by the user. By submitting to Chibbz the user makes an agreement that they won’t breach any intellectual property rights for the Chibbz team or even the users or content providers in the Chibbz site and they make agreement to all the terms stated for intellectual properties, which will lead to whether termination of the account or intellectual property laws out of a sudden.

Users, who breach the intellectual property rights of any user or copyright owner in the Chibbz platform, will be exposed to undesirable actions like terminating the account or copyright laws questionnaire. And it won’t happen after asking the one who did breach the intellectual property rights; the Chibbz team has the right to do it all of a sudden. Chibbz team will contact directly with the government or any official property concerning the type of breach without going back to the user of Chibbz.

 Additional terms applicable to Job Seekers

Registering to Chibbz will ask you to provide some information about you such as your email address and your general personal information.

Profiles you’ll make and submit must be related in reality to you and must be clearly describing your skills as an individual. You must complete the standard fields with the right information, and if you don’t have the right information you have to seek getting this information. Any Breaches of this term will cause undesirable actions from the Chibbz team.

Information like Phone numbers, street addresses and all the other needed information for contacting the job seeker. You’ll be asked to agree that you’re as an individual responsible for the form and accuracy of information and the resume put in the profile and that it’s not about any application to a third party. Also having the reason of third party access to your account due to sharing your personal data for adding extra un-real information about the user isn’t an acceptable reason and it will expose the user to undesirable actions.

Chibbz has the right to introduce third party services such as advertisements and products to the Job seeker based on the identifications you give with your information during registration to Chibbz. These offers or advertisements could be made by the Chibbz team itself and third parties like other companies based on the permission from Chibbz without accessing any personal information about the job seeker.

The applicant job seeker has no right to own his account but it’s owned for the Chibbz team, in further meaning if the account has been canceled or Terminated by the Chibbz team, Chibbz isn’t responsible for any data loss or information, all of the information of resumes and emails and letters and all the saved things will be deleted with the account without any right for the user to ask getting it back. Chibbz has the right to delete the account due to inactivity or any other reasonable purposes Chibbz team decide or see reasonable for deleting the account or doing any actions on it.

Identification of Agent to Receive Notification And Elements Of Notification Of Claimed Copyright or Trademark Infringement.

If there’s any copyright issues with the content you put on Chibbz or you believe that it has been accessible to any other Chibbz website with breaches to the copyright rules don’t hesitate to contact the Chibbz team on the email info@chibbz.com

Additional Terms Applicable to Employers

Employers are responsible for any hiring or employees acceptance or any employment decisions, Chibbz sites aren’t an employer who knows the exact data about their users and employers should make sure before making any employment decisions.

If you’re having an employer account and you cancel it, it must be known that your account will be permanently deleted without having anything saved to the database, which will delete all the old information including mailing lists and network contacts and all related things to the account.

Employers mail sending will be limited to a number to ensure the quality of our service and advertisements and annoying emails preventing to users of Chibbz, so the employers will be able to send an actual number of emails they will be restricted till the next time period.

Job Postings
A Job posting may not contain:

(a) Hyperlinks not authorized by Chibbz, which will expose the employer to undesirable actions.

(b) Unreadable languages or misleading information about any topic, no hidden keywords or repeated keywords or something not relevant to the job, the job opportunity must have a job post that defines it well and accurate without any other interfering.

(c)Any data like names or logos that’s not agreed by Chibbz’s or other than those in the customer save in other meaning.

(d)Any data of cities or countries or any place that’s not related to the job posting, which will clarify the place of the job and how to reach it easier and increase the quality of service of Chibbz to users.

(e)Separated information like more than a job in one post, or job descriptions of another job while the title is about a specific other jobs and also the location of the job must be very accurate and all the other things concerning the project must be Unique.

(f)Misleading information or any information that’s not accurate.

(g)Links and materials that could expose people to sexualities and violent manners or anything that’s not suitable, or any personal information from people under 18

Resume database:

Chibbz resume database is used by the employers with specific terms and will be available in any contract you make with Chibbz too.
It could be rendered suitable to the privacy and data protection laws, and the employers will be authorized to refrain from disclosing data fetched from our database to any other individual or third-party

They’re able to disclose them if they’re authorized recruitment agency, advertising agency or anything that’s related to the resume employment.

The employer should take serious steps involving, physical and technical and administrative measures, to protect the data obtained from the resume database, it can’t be lost for other parties or people, it can’t be misused in any other way, and it couldn’t be accessed with someone not authorized from the Chibbz team . The Employer can’t share the license login with other third parties

The Chibbz resume database shall not be used:

(a)To serve any other purpose than employment and bettering employer to employee relationship, it also restricts the use of advertising promotions and products and services to the resume holders.

(b)To make unneeded calls or mails or faxes or rely on any communication methods that’s unneeded for the resume holders including any other objectionable activities, except, when the resume holder issue his/her consent for such activities.

(c) To take the candidates and job seekers or the resume holders equally to career fairs and other platforms and business opportunities.

To ensure the effective experience and more importantly a safer one for all the users and customers of Chibbz, The site can reserve the right to put a limitation on the data that could be accessed by the user of Chibbz in the given time. Limitations and restrictions could be modified under the supervision of Chibbz every once in a while.

You may not use Your Chibbz job posting, Chibbz Networking, or Profiles to:

(a) Do job posting that doesn’t fit the national and international laws and including equal employment opportunity and eligibility requirements, including also data privacy and data access and use with respect to the IP which refers to intellectual property.

(b) Make posts that require citizenships of specific countries or permanent residence.

Making conditions in job opportunities must be in the scope of the job itself not the country citizenship or any other aspect, except if it must be done to fit the law or regulations, or any higher states of governmental contracts locally.

(c) Post jobs that have specific criteria in applying like following a hyperlink or try to make criteria for visiting another website or make self advertisement through the post.

(d) Looking at profiles, knowing and determining a user’s eligibility for insurance of a person or family or any close aspect, employment or finally government license of benefit.

(e)Make any job opportunities posts about websites that’s competitive to Chibbz or could include business threatening to Chibbz.

(f) Promote, sell or make an advertisement for a specific service or product selling.

(g) Make a post about any sales or marketing representative agencies arrangements, and distribution businesses like network marketing and any pyramid scheme business job.

(h) Post any job or business opportunity that requires payment from the applicant.

Periodic payment requirements for the job or recruitment of the users.

(i) Put a job opportunity that gives commission unless it’s stated in the job description

(j) Make promotion to any job or business opportunity that doesn’t represent Bona fide employment.

It’s indicated in the IRS forms W-2 or 1099 which is the employer’s use.

(k) Post something about entertainment or even talent shows and all the other types of jobs and life opportunities like acting and modeling.

(l) Post jobs with general sexual nature even if it’s small jobs that require a sexual appearance.

It’s not allowed to advertise sexual services too.

(m) Make a body parts trading and services like requesting to use body parts or donation in specific places for money, it’s extremely forbidden.

It includes egg donation and surrogacy and other reproductive services.

(n) Refer to any political party or talk about a political issue in the post.

(o) Refer or promote a religion in the post, which is not suitable for a business related web service like Chibbz.

(p) Posting job opportunities located in countries with forbidden dealing with United States.

(q) Make reference to the applicant to give information about their racial origin or political beliefs or following, religious beliefs or followings or even philosophical beliefs related to religions, membership of a trade union platforms or sites.

They’re not able to provide information about their physical or mental health at all too in addition to sexuality and sexual life, and finally age and criminal offenses in their lives.

You have to know Chibbz has the right to remove any job post or content from any Chibbz related sites, which is to make everything following the instructions and terms of use and privacy and all the limitations of the Chibbz services.

They could remove also the posts they have ensured that it’s not related to the Chibbz. Actual meaning and purpose of job posting and opportunities.

If any condition was skipped or a term was abandoned in the use of Chibbz services, they have the right to terminate or stop the service for a time period or permanently or even have some harder new rules for the user.

 Chibbz’s Liability Policy

Amongst the various activities that could be performed on our site, it is first and foremost used as a career building and management platform where a) employers and job listers post their job advertisements in the hopes of finding the most suitable candidates and b) job seekers who post their resumes and feed other information in their profiles to draw relevant job opportunities towards themselves. As long as a post does not infringe upon our policies, it will not be subjected to protected viewing or censor ship. Moreover, Chibbz does not take responsibility for communication occurrences nor keeps track of contacts between its users. It is not authorized to calculate or ensure the authenticity of job advertisements or information contained in a user’s profile or resume. We do not endorse any nature of the advertisement; resume information, or client credentials on Chibbz. Content posted on Chibbz by its users, if appears to be violating our Terms and Use policy, can be immediately discarded from our site, however, the right to view a content as objectionable or not rests exclusively with Chibbz, and under no circumstance may a user hold Chibbz liable to remove a content unless the site does not deem it necessary itself.

Users may avail Chibbz as a platform where they can build professional networks and obtain pertinent ideas and opportunities to begin and sustain career development without the apprehension of their posts getting screened on our site. It does not endorse any job lister, or job seeker and cannot authenticate the details pertaining to the professional nature of the advertisements, such as the time period for which a service may be required, the salaries offered or location of the company etc.

As Chibbz is authorised to make use of the above-mentioned disclaimer, we therefore educate our users with a warning to watch out for the possibilities of falsifiers posting incorrect information to lure users, strangers with bogus identity looking to inflict physical or emotional harm, underage users to be manipulated by counterfeiters etc. When you use our website to make any nature of the transaction, you do it at your own risk. Chibbz warns its user to not let a stranger on the site beguile them into acting out of discretion. Information posted by other users may be deceptively inaccurate, rely on your intuitive judgement before considering a job offer or a resume holder as a possible candidate.

Bear also in mind that the internet does offer any ultimate measure to track the degree of authenticity of online information or users who access the various websites, in addition to this, Chibbz does not offer any interference in the online or offline transaction of information or any other nature between its users as a result any dispute resulting from miscommunication, misunderstanding, misinforming between the dealing parties will not, in any way, affect Chibbz’s website or staff, by holding the site or the staff liable to pay for the resulting direct and indirect damage regardless of them being identifiable or identifiable, warranted or unwarranted, assumed or not, in full accordance with the permitting law.

Chibbz does not make any claims of its content’s authenticity or typographical accuracy, nor does it endorse the accuracy, consistency, fullness or suitability of any content posted on our website. Users of our site who avail our services to carry out transactions between the uses of any nature must do so at their own risk. We also update our policies regularly and without any external’s parties consent. Users are never in a position to hold Chibbz accountable in case of any information, posted on our site, proven wrong nor are they to assume any piece of oral or written information from Chibbz as a warranty of some sort.

If you live in California and have a California civil code of 1542, it says that “A general release doesn’t go too far to claims that the creditor doesn’t have knowledge about or have a suspicious to his favor at the time of executing the release, if it’s known by the creditor, the creditor has to have material effect on his settlement with the debtor”.

Chibbz encourages the user to keep a back-up of any of the content as long as it fits with the law permission .Chibbz isn’t responsible for any loss of deletion of the data and also will not be in charge of any unauthorized modification for the contents of the users and Chibbz are capable of deleting or removing a content or change in it according to the laws and permissions pre-made in the Chibbz terms of use and privacy policy.

Chibbz isn’t making any providing to any third party products or services or anything to be purchased through the Chibbz sites and Chibbz doesn’t make any guarantee for anything in any circumstances and also no warranty assurance on anything displayed on the site .Even when it comes to an employer making a job availability to people, Chibbz isn’t responsible for anything not suitable but in case of finding something illegal contacting the Chibbz team would be the best solution to make better quality for the users.

Anything that’s made by the provider with the same of product or service warranty or guaranty of anything in the name of Chibbz will be illegal because it’s not in the Chibbz policy to do such warranty or guaranty to anything.

If any user of Chibbz saw something that’s opposing this term, go ahead and contact the Chibbz team for settling such issue .The contact is performed through the agent set forth in section six or search the email of the Chibbz team if you have troubles finding section six in the page.

From Chibbz point of view on seeing any materials that don’t fit the terms, Chibbz will do an investigation on their own and decide by the determination whether to remove a content or reject a request or remove it .Chibbz also has no responsibility to users for the performance of such activities.

Mobile Services

Using the Chibbz sites with the help of a mobile device, It will be an agreement with you as a user to let Chibbz get all the information about the mobile phone including the physical location. Using Chibbz sites with the mobile device could cause data to be displayed on your mobile device and could also cause it to be displayed through it. The accessing of Chibbz sites with a mobile device, you’ll be as a user representing that you will not copy or take data from the Chibbz into your mobile device that you don’t have authority to share or give to another party through your mobile device. Also you can’t access the provider.

In case you deactivate the Chibbz account from your mobile , you as the user will have to update your Chibbz account to be sure that all your messages and emails or any personal information are not sent to a person who will take the number you had on your phone.

Failure of the phone number is also the responsibility of the user not the Chibbz team, And in case of the number losing and the third party interfering to the account or regaining data, it will be the responsibility of the user and Chibbz team isn’t responsible in any way to such circumstance.

As a user, you must know that you are responsible for any fees or charges or permissions related to accessing the Chibbz site with your mobile device , and if your mobile device requires the provider access then you’ll be responsible for it not the Chibbz team.

That’s why you have to check the terms of use provided check if they’re available for the services for your specific mobile devices and make sure if they’re not getting extra fees or charges on the service of Chibbz just in case you’re not able to handle such fees .

As a mobile device user you’ll have to know, on downloading any application that’s Chibbz sites related, you’ll have full responsibility of the terms and instructions provided to you on installation and download of the application, and that they could be updated from time to another. And the Chibbz sites team isn’t responsible for any misunderstanding or security or privacy breaches and they’re not responsible for any reasons about terms breaches due to the carelessness of a user.

Links to other sites

The Chibbz sites have links to other third party websites. These links to the websites will be just a convince only to the user and it doesn’t mean it’s a type of a relationship or contract between the Chibbz team and the contents on websites of the third parties which Chibbz provides their links.

Chibbz isn’t responsible for any contents in the sites they provide links to from the third party websites and Chibbz doesn’t have the authority and doesn’t support any of the third party websites and opening such sites will be done on the user’s risk.

Disclaimer of Consequential Damages

To all extents, Chibbz team aren’t responsible for any harms or damages to the user including the loss or profits or data losses or consequential damages or any other type of damage from the use of Chibbz even if it’s about warranty base or contract or any something that seems legal. Chibbz holds no responsibility for these damages.


it’s an agreement to indemnify and defend the respective officers and directors and all agents and staff and employees of Chibbz against any actions or demands or anything made with accounting fees even if it’s legal if they’re resulting from any user that the user provides to Chibbz sites, Any form of use at the Chibbz and the breach of the terms.

Chibbz could give notice for the user to ask about any suit or such claim or proceeding.

Disclaimer of warranty

Chibbz doesn’t have warranty that any site of Chibbz or service will be error free or that any of Chibbz sites or services are having no viruses or harmful mechanisms or anything that could harm or hack or discover the IP or even have anything related to privacy of users errors , all of these isn’t the responsibility of Chibbz.

If your use of Chibbz needs any replacement or data or any costs, Chibbz isn’t really responsible for these costs in any way, it becomes on your own risk.

Chibbz has no warranties of any type and the services are provided just as it is without any guarantees. Chibbz is permitted by law and it doesn’t need any warranties so it’s by law not responsible for any warranties.

The Warranty of merchantability or any specific purpose and Chibbz has no warranties about the accuracy of services or the completeness of error free and the reliability on the system or even the timelines of the contents on Chibbz or services or software of text and graphics and links.

Term and Termination

These Terms of uses will be effective as long as you’re a user of Chibbz. Chibbz has the right to pursue the legal remedies including Removing your access as a User or remove your content from Chibbz sites and Chibbz has the right to terminate your account or registration or any ability to access Chibbz sites or any service of Chibbz.

If you breach any terms you’ll be exposed to not being able to verify or authenticate anything you submit of information on the Chibbz site registration.
If you’re not longer a User of Chibbz these terms are still illegal to breach anything and the same actions would be performed especially on the sections one, Two, Five, Seven and finally through sixteen.

Limitation Liability

Chibbz max liability reached out of or in the connection between any Chibbz site or the use of Chibbz content. There’s no accepted cause for this action whether in contracts or breaching the warranty, it will not exceed the one hundred dollars.

No Resale or Unauthorized Commercial use

By joining Chibbz you’ll be signing an agreement to not to make commercial use out of any Chibbz site or service if not permitted.