Submitted Jobs 

  • After you apply for a job (and fill in your questionnaire) your information including your resume (and answers to the questionnaire) will be processed to the recruiter. Cover letter uploaded will also be processed along likewise. Chibbz has no further function to perform. Your hiring will depend upon the recruiter or his agency’s opinion about your eligibility. 

  • Analysing whether your qualification, skill or experience, render you suitable for a job is solely the domain of the job lister/your recruiter. Chibbz is not authorized to pass any such judgement. We are only a career management site and do not recruit staff ourselves. However, an Am I Qualified button is at the disposal of our job seekers to learn about their chance of getting recruited.

    1. Navigate to the ad and select the Am I Qualified option. 

    2. You will view a page displaying the employer’s requirements for hiring a candidate. You can use this list for making a comparative analysis between your skills and pre-requisites. 
  • You can embellish your profile information and resume credentials via posting a cover letter on Chibbz by following these instructions: 

    1. Begin with uploading your profile and applying for a job by clicking on either the Apply Now or 1 Click Apply option. 

    2. Navigate to the Applied Jobs option located on the top part of the page. 

    3. Find the job application that needs the cover letter’s attachment. The jobs are sorted by their dates of application. 

    4. A button saying ‘Actions’ will be located in the top section next to the title of the job. Click on Add Cover Letter. You will be allowed to either type or post a cover letter in the given space. 

    5. After posting or typing your cover letter click on the ‘save changes’ button to secure the process the letter to your potential recruiter. 

    Note: Once your information and resume is processed to the relevant potential recruiter, Chibbz will not be able to interfere with your hiring process. Your recruitment will solely depend upon the employer or his agency’s opinion about your resume. 
  • At times it could be hard to derive whether a job can still be availed or not. Just know that employers who have already staffed employees and no longer remain in need of services close their advertisements through their Chibbz account. Users and job seekers are notified of this progress via a notification hovering over the advertisement informing of its closure. So, when you do not see this notice being displayed know that you still have the option of sending an application. By clicking on 1Click Apply you can process your resume to the potential recruiter. This button is generally available at the bottom of the ad posted. 

  • With respect to how well your application is doing, Chibbz does not possess much information except what a recruiter divulges to us. Being a career management site and not a career offering platform we remain at a disadvantage when it comes to reviewing your applications. However, you can learn a bit about it:

    1. Go to ‘Applied jobs’

    2. A list will appear informing you about the applications that have already been scanned and which have not.  

    Jobs applied via an external site will not have a record registered on Chibbz.To learn more about such applications you will have to personally consult the recruiter. 

  • Chibbz is not authorized to disclose such information without the recruiter’s permission nor, for the most part, it does not possess this information. Salary details are, at times, included in the job description. Unless a recruiter adds this information in the advertisement, there is no way of knowing it. 


    However, you can click on the Check Salary button on our site, which, upon being selected, notifies the employer of the candidate’s demand to be informed about the salary. If some such information is appended by the employer you will be notified, the best that Chibbz can do otherwise for its users is to present a salary estimate aggregated on the basis of analogous jobs. 

  • In case you receive an interview request from, follow these steps to send a reply: 

    1. Fetch the email from the abovementioned address in your email inbox. The sender name will be the employer’s name as registered on our site. Your own account will be devoid of this information. 

    2. When you open the email, the email address will appear along with a Reply option, adjacent to the sender’s name. 

    3. Click on Reply to respond to the requests. 


    1. After clicking on the reply button, you will not have to fill in the sender’s email address as it will already be present in the relevant field. Simply post/type your response and/or attach other files as were asked by the employer.  

    2. After typing your answer click Send. You can visit the sent folder to view the files sent. 

    Responses made this way will not be recorded on our site. Emails in your inbox and sent mails will be the only record of communication between you and your employer. Make sure not to lose them. 
  • At this point this facility is unavailable. For the most part, however, it is for the benefit of the users since the jobs you applied for help us to locate similar jobs for you in the future. 
  • When you apply for a job, your application is processed to the employer or his staff in real time. As they are instantly notified of your application there is no way of retrieving it. You can personally communicate your disinterest in a job, post application, if such a contact is made by the recruiter or his agency.  
  • No, we do not keep any such check on our employers nor are we authorized to seek such information except when it is dispensed to us by the user himself/herself. The details of your background could personally be communicated to your recruiter upon mutual consent. 
  • If a job ad is accompanied by an Online Interview message it means that after applying for a job you will be required to fill in answers for a list of interview questions prepared by the employer. This will be customary for successful submission of applications. 

    Note: make sure that you give these questions proper consideration before you fill in your answers as these will shed light on your eligibility. 
  • Chibbz only appends applications to the Applied Jobs list if the application is processed to the employer via our site only. At times, when you apply for a job you will be redirected to another website altogether. Applications made this way are not registered on Chibbz. You can learn about your application status for such jobs by contacting the relevant website. 

  • You can perform these applications to view all of your applied jobs. 

    1. Log in through your Chibbz account 

    2. Got to the ‘Applied Jobs’ button located next to the alerts section and click on it 

    3. A page will appear displaying all of the jobs that you sent an application for


 You can go through this section to learn about the jobs you applied for on our site.