Social Network & Apps

  • Through this feature of ours, you will be able to locate jobs on your own website that you posted on Chibbz. Simply perform the following steps:

    1) Sign in to your Chibbz account. Go to ‘My Account’.

    2)  A drop-down menu will appear from which you will choose settings and then the Career Page widget’ option in the new drop-down list.

    3)       From ‘The Career Page Widget’ related to your chief hiring agency, copy the HTML code by clicking on the ‘copy’ option.

    4)       Fill in the HTML code for the widget, which you wish to integrate, into your site’s source code

    5)       In case your other associated agencies have a website, you can click on their page’s link to feed the code there too.

    6)       Do this by choosing the agency, go back to the ‘Career Page widget’ tab and revise step number 3 and 4. 


  • 1)       Sign in to your Chibbz account

    2)       Go to ‘My Account’ prompt at the top of the page. Then, from the drop-down menu choose ‘settings’, then select ‘Hiring Companies’ in the new drop-down list.

    3)       You will view an entire list of your hiring companies. Select one.

    4)       Go to the third tab on the left side of the page that says, ‘Hiring badges’. 

    5)       Once you have located the badges as appropriate with respect to size for your site, click on ‘copy’ located above the HTML code.

    6)       Drop the hiring badge code wherever you can drop the HTML code. You can choose any of the following places to drop the code:

             Your website’s homepage 

             The career pages

             Blog sites or a management system such as WordPress

             In the bottom section of your emails.

  • The job widgets are an automated system that update post on your own sites as you update them on Chibbz.
  • Chibbz can share your posts on other popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You will be required to perform the following steps:

    1)       Go to ‘Jobs’ located on your dashboard. A list of the jobs that you posted on our site will appear.

    2)       Choose the job title that needs to be shared on the other sites.

    3)       A new page will appear before you. Navigate to the lower end of the screen that says, ‘Get More Candidate’. Here you will select the share button located on the right of the ‘share on your Social Networks’ link.

    4)       A new page will list the various social media you require sharing on. Select the circle adjacent to the media titles.

                   5)       You must then sign in to that site’s account and post your job.


Our integrated social networking platforms and connected apps all serve the function of driving greater relevant traffic towards you.