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  • The internet is an extremely vast platform that is accessed by a tremendous number of users for a wide variety of activity. Although ensuring the complete authenticity of every job posted on our site is difficult, however, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that scammers are warded off from our site. Our highly innovative and technical surveillance system allows us, considerably, to keep scammers at bay. Moreover, we are also assisted by a user support team that scans and reviews jobs manually. Chibbz advises its users to communicate any information to us about an advertisement or post that appears dubious. 
  • Online Now, Rapid Response alert often accompanies certain advertisements available on our site. It alerts the user of the employer’s availability at the time of posting the application.  
  • Our site is visited by online users in the hopes of finding their fields of interest to employ their full potential and expertise.  
  • Our site is a career building and development site that brings job seekers and job listers on one page for productive interaction. Employers do this via Apply Now or 1Click Apply settings to their jobs. Jobs that are hosted by our site without directing users to a new window allow the use of 1Click Apply. 

    1ClickApply is an easy and convenient way to directly send your resume information to your employer with one click. Jobs that come with the 1ClickApply option will merely involve the applicant to click on the option, and their relevant information and resume will be sent for scrutiny to the said employer. Follow these steps to send your application via 1CLICK Apply: 

    1. After you sign into your Chibbz account and locate the job ad you are interested in, click on the 1Click Apply option for your resume to be transferred to the relevant employer. 

    2. Before signing out wait for our site to confirm the processing of your information via an ‘Applied’ message. 

  • Apply Now and 1 Click Apply represent application options that pertain to two different ways of submitting your application. Chibbz allows its employers to either host their applications on our website or treat them in a new window via a URL Link. Jobs on Chibbz will be accompanied by options such as Apply Now and 1 Click Apply.

    Advertisements that are accompanied with the Apply Now tag work with a custom apply URL Link, and they will take the applicant to a new window. 

  • At Chibbz, we place an utmost premium on the personal safety of our clients and users who access and use our site to avail job opportunities. As Chibbz is aware of the scamming, spoofing and phishing practices on the internet it has incorporated tools that assist our Trust and safety Department to discard dubious-looking job advertisements. Users can also aid us in fighting against the sham practices of some users on our site by following these steps; 

    1. Reporting a dubious-looking job will require you to navigate to your search results page. 

    2. After locating the ad bring your cursor over the advertisement for the Report Job option to appear.  

    3. A list of possibly applicable reasons for reporting this job will appear. You are authorized to use this function to select a reason available in the list. 

    4. Choosing a reason from the list will take you to another page where you will be allowed to provide more details about the cause of your suspicion. Additional information on the part of the reporter will enable our site to deal in a more comprehensive manner with job ads of such a nature. 

    5. Once the additional details are filled in click on the NEXT button for this report to be processed to our Trust and Safety Department. 

    Chibbz is always prepared to take serious notice of any complaints or reports of dubious-looking reports made by our sincere users. You are always free to contact us in case you have some such information at hand and possess strong suspicion of fraud.


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