Scam or Fraud Job Information

  • We do everything we can to make sure that jobs posted through Chibbz are legitimate. We have built an advanced system that tips us off to potential scammers, and we have an incredibly devoted customer support team that manually reviews jobs as well. If you should come across a job on Chibbz that you think is a scam, please Contact us immediately and let us know.

  • At Chibbz, we strive to keep our platform safe for all users. However, we are cognizant that there are individuals who target job seekers. We have built a tool that allows job seekers to flag suspicious job postings so the ads can be brought up for review by our Trust and Safety Department.


 Scammers are always applying new tactics to fetch people into there trap. The user should take precaution while working with any employer at Chibbz and report any issue concerning bad or scamming employers. 

Especially people who ask for funds or ask for paying any sort of money or giving hyperlinks to afford making an application form - you can read more upon Scam alert mentioned in the terms of use. So please report to chibbz team upon seeing anything that looks fishy and alarming.