Each and every passing day there are people seeking jobs after attaining different awards in their education. That is, a degree, a diploma or even a certificate in different fields. Others seek different job opportunities which may offer better terms in reference to working conditions, commonly referred to as greener pastures. In the course of applying for a job, some one’s first impression is crucial in making the boss or employer have a positive attitude towards them. Everyone’s first impression is highly affected by their resume. A good resume that is capable of drawing employer’s eyes may give someone a greater chance of being considered for a job. Unfortunately, many job seekers have the thought that writing a good resume is difficult or maybe they find it hard to put their content in order. Writing a resume can be very easy if one follows the right procedure. Following the right steps, one can write the best resume which may help them land in almost all interview panels of jobs they applied for. To write an impressive resume which can impress your dream employer you need to take into consideration several factors.

Know the size resume you need to write

How many pages should a resume take? First, one should have it in mind that resumes differ depending on work experience. It’s sort of obvious to find that people who have been in the working industry for a while may have a lot of content to include in their resume due to their vast experience in a particular work. Therefore it’s okay for first time job seekers to write a resume of one page.

Accuracy in choosing content

Another factor to take into consideration is the details to include in your resume. Everyone would like to write all the fine details about themselves or their skills and work experience. However, this may take the employer a long time while going through the resume. Meaning at some point they may get bored if you use a lot of wording in your resume. A good resume should include only what is very necessary that’s you should major on skills and experiences that will prove your ability to handle the job. Therefore, be precise and include all the important details about you in the resume.

Use the best category of resumes

While writing resumes one should determine the category they prefer to use. Is it a chronological or functional resume?  People mostly prefer using chronological resumes. As we stated earlier, the essence of a resume is to convince an employer to invite you for an interview in the process of job seeking. Therefore the content you highlight in your resume will really determine your chance to get the interview invitation. The reason for chronological reviews being popular must be its content as it contains a career summary and one’s objective. This gives the job seeker upper hand in convincing the employer especially on their objective once they secure the job. In functional resumes your work experience is included in summary form thus the focus is not really on convincing the employer by giving your personal view as affected by your work experience. The focus in functional resumes is on one’s abilities.


Include the three general requirements


No matter the job one is seeking there are three things that must be in the resume. These are, work experience, years one worked in each position and the job title of the different positions one has ever worked in. In the resume, one should also indicate their contacts. This enables the employer to contact them in case they qualify for the interview

Make use of keywords

When employers post a job, they receive a multiple number of resumes. Therefore, they may not have the time to go through all resumes thoroughly that’s why it’s advisable to use keywords. Spread the keywords all over the article avoiding too much emphasis since your resume will still be read at some point. In case someone is having a problem getting the keywords, they can get keywords from the job description.

Quantify your achievements

Another very strong tip of resume writing is quantifying your past work experience. For example if you achieved a profit in your former company, you should state the amount of money. Quantifying one’s achievements assists the company in comparing the time taken to make such an achievement and amount of money made.

Avoid old fashioned approach

Over the years writing resumes has been considered to be all about putting all your skills down to convince your employer. However, that’s sort of old fashioned. With current times one should just cut to the clip and tell the employer only what is important.

Consult resume writing experts

When you have reached this stage it means that one already has a more like complete resume which is good enough to be delivered. However don’t be so confident due to the colorful resume you have got so far. You need to consult an expert in resume writing to reread your resume and may be correct you in case you made any mistakes which you could not notice.

Get your resume to the employer

After applying all the steps, assuredly your resume must be very impressive and now you should be itching with that feeling of getting it out to be seen by potential employers. One can go to various companies dropping their resume to ensure that they are called in case of any job offer in the near future. However, you can also put your resume online in various sites which  are popular in hosting resumes and have frequent visits by employers. This is the best way to market your skills as at some point one receives job invitations from companies which they may not have applied to work with.

With all the points put together writing a resume, chances to have your job application bounce are quite narrow. Therefore try to follow them and have your resume written professionally and correctly.