Resume Modification Settings

  • Your default resume will be the same as your Resume on File. The latter is the one processed to your potential recruiters when you respond to their ads. Updating your Resume on File will automatically update your default resume but you will have to do it individually for all of the previously applied jobs. However, once your profile owns the new updated resume it will be used any application in the future. To update/replace your resume follow these steps: 

    1. Go to your Profile and hover over the My Resume option 

    2. Choose Replace Resume, the site will automatically provide you instructions on how to upload a new document. 

  • You are not authorized to submit a letter of recommendations. However, you can always include them at the bottom of your resume. If you have not done prior to uploading your resume, then you can add these to a new resume and upload it. You can learn how to do it by clicking on the following articles. 

    • Replace your resume on Chibbz

    • Appending references to your profile information

  • At Chibbz, once you upload your resume you cannot undo it. What you can do however is to replace it with a blank document. You can do this by performing the following steps: 

    1. Go to the drop down bar that says ‘Me’, then move to ‘My Resume’. 

    2. Select ‘Replace Resume’. The site will automatically deliver you instructions to upload a file. 

    3. Upload a blank document or a document that reads ‘no resume chosen’. In this case, you will have to save such a word file or another document in your computer prior to substituting it on our site. 
  • Users are not allowed to delete or remove resumes that have been used to apply for a job. When you grant Chibbz the right to process your resume to a potential recruiter by clicking on 1Click Apply or Apply Now, that copy of your resume is saved with the employer and cannot be retrieved, deleted or removed from the employer’s database. However, you are allowed to replace that resume with another application moreover, your new resume will be available for the benefit of all future potential recruiters. Chibbz also takes the responsibility of notifying your hirer that you now own a new resume. 

    To replace your previous resume with a new one, perform the following steps: 

    1. Go to the Applied Jobs Tab

    2. Navigate to the Actions button next to the job ad. When you click on this button you will be provided with the option to ‘Edit Resume’. Choose this option if you wish to edit/upgrade your resume.

  • If you have enabled the Chibbz Resume service in addition to posting your own resume then the employer will be able to view both once you apply under his job ad. Chibbz Resume will never replace your original resume. It is only meant to facilitate the recruiters in their search for employees by rendering certain keywords more pronounced. You can perform the following steps to view both your original resume and Chibbz Resume that were processed to your potential recruiter:

    1. Select the ‘Applied Jobs’ option 

    2. Navigate to the job advertisement for which you currently need to inspect your application status.

    3. Both the resumes will appear at your disposal for viewing. 


 Learn how to update, edit or replace your resume in the simplest way possible.