Resume Measures

There is increased harm over the internet and mostly those affected are organizations depending on internet investments. The documents that individuals use to announce their potential skills have little care directed to them. The assumption has caused a lot of harm to many individuals and their reputation is killed. Personal details you should never include on your resume such as National Identification Number, Bank Account Details, Driver’s License Number, Credit Card Details, Date of Birth, Passwords

Amidst all of these insecurities, the good news is that Chibbz; an online website offering is here. The site allows a secure way for the job seekers. One can post his resume and several employer scan access but the information is unharmed and well protected.


During any job search procedure, there are some critical data should not be shared. Do not give out your individual details to an employer. Not unless you have proven this is a legit employer.


Your number one focus is ensuring an employer receives your resume especially on Chibbz. Whether in employment, you still need to take care about who sees the resume you sent



Confidential Resumes

This will fit you, if you love privacy, and decide not to share your contact details, current work place and references, from your resume. This is saved as public but the other details remain invisible.

Employers will contact you privately via a Chibbz email, so as to enable you to view the job listing and decide to respond.

Always remember to remove the personal details held from the uploaded word resume.

Private Resumes

This usually remains unsearchable and even potential employers cannot find. However, you can look for jobs and apply by yourself.

Public Resumes

Chibbz gives an option for your resume to be available whenever searched. If you choose this, chances are that many employers but not job seekers can contact you.