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Does Chibbz Safeguard Its Users’ Privacy?

At Chibbz, we ensure utmost protection of privacy for our users and pledge to safeguard the personal information that our users feel safe while sharing with us. The privacy policy listed below adumbrates the process of obtaining, safeguarding, using, and sharing our your personal information and, with your choice, making it accessible for recruiters, editing it and using it for your benefit. With accepting the terms and conditions of our website and proceeding to use it, you automatically accept all the liabilities of our policy along with conditions of using and transferring this data. However, if at some point, you wish to retrace your consent you are always welcome to contact us. Upon repeal your account will be deleted from our website, taking away with it your profile and personal information. Also, our website operates in the US domain and the information you provide us can be subjected to the state law.

What Is the Scope of Our Policy?

Every bit of information that is collected by the websites or applications that operate under the Chibbz Worldwide, Inc., for use and transfer is covered under our privacy policy. Information divulged to any company that comes under the control of Chibbz Worldwide, Inc. or is affiliated with us use this privacy policy for its security measures.

Age Limit

Chibbz is not authorized to collect nor does it intentionally retrieve information from users below thirteen years of age.

How We handle Users’ Information

The information we collect from you is very important to keep improving the service we provide, we are focused on giving you the best possible user experience by continuously upgrading our sites and applications as well as the response time to your requirements.

We’re committed to the most professional and careful handling of your information and are bound to the specific use of the data we described at the moment of receiving your consent, including account creation and resume upload.

This data is used only for the legitimate interests of our business, such as:

  • Operating Chibbz services;
  • Contacting and communicating with you when you get in touch with us;
  • Analyzing, improving and optimizing Chibbz services;
  • Protecting Chibbz services and the rights of users and others;
  • Enforcing terms of Chibbz services and preventing fraud and abuse of Chibbz systems;


If you register, manage your profile, publicly post information, opt in when presented with choices on Chibbz, you are giving consent for us to use your information for providing you with our services, which include:

  • Creating a Chibbz account for you, comprising any resume you create or upload
  • Enabling you to look for jobs and share your search results with others
  • Giving you the possibility to apply for jobs
  • Adding information gathered from public websites to your profile if you are in the US
  • Helping potential employers find your resume and get in touch with you;
  • Making purchases;
  • Giving you the possibility to get in touch with us and for us to get back to you;
  • Displaying targeted recruitment messages from employers;
  • Getting in touch with you to inform about security updates and service-related communications;
  • Providing information related to you and to your job interests in postings to employers;
  • Providing products and services to employer customers in order to complete the recruitment and hiring process;
  • Marketing Your Advertisements
  • Giving you personalized, targeted, or location-based content, services, and advertising from Chibbz or third parties;
  • Sending you job alters, newsletters, career advice, or other marketing communications that you opted to receive;
  • Informing you of any other services or products that our website or associates offer our users;
  • Carrying out surveys, promotions and contests, and publishing the results thereof;
Improving the services we provide;
  • transferring your information to search engines;
  • Conducting analytics and generating internal reports on the way our sites and applications are used;
  • Tracking which jobs you search for, view, and apply to;
Preventing fraud and other security reasons;
  • Detecting, investigating and preventing actions that may infringe on our policies or be illicit;
  • Making suggestions and drawing inferences about you, such as assuming your gender by your title choice (for example: Mr. or Mrs.) or suggesting possible jobs.

Our resume and profile database and social media search, as well as other Chibbz products and services, allow third parties to see your personal information and get in touch with you

Be aware that all the information you post in public areas of Chibbz sites or applications or is visible in your resume and profile database is susceptible of being viewed, used, and stored by third parties worldwide, including those in countries without the same legal protection of your personal information as your country of residence.

Chibbz takes all the necessary measures to ensure your information is safe from inappropriate use or unauthorized access. However, we do not control the third parties described above and we are not responsible for their use of your information, therefore you should avoid posting sensitive information or any other data you would prefer to remain private, on any Chibbz site or public website.

Our service model is focused on showcasing your personalized products, information and advertisements which reflect your qualification, field of interest and personal expertise. The information you give us allows Chibbz to infer what kind of opportunities, products or services of a particular third party might be of your interest.

Targeted ads are shown to you online based on the information we gather about you and any information about you that we acquire from third parties, including public websites and data providers. If you wish to customize the notifications you receive, you can check your notification settings or the About Ads page in our Privacy center to familiarize yourself with targeted ads.

Important Instructions for Your Resume

Creating or posting resumes on Chibbz will automatically permit them to be stored in Chibbz’ profile and database resumes. Users have the liberty to set viewership limitations on your resumes. They can make their resumes visible, private or curb them to limited visibility. In the latter two cases, only recruiters with access to our database will be able to view your resume. However, incase a resume is viewed or downloaded by a recruiter, Chibbz does not hold the right to interfere with its privacy conditions or usages.

Private resumes are not publicly showcased in Chibbz’ profile and resume database. The process of seeking employment through a private resume is slightly different. When you make your resume private, it is sent to only the most relevant and pertinent recruiter or company for viewership. Upon viewership of your resume, Chibbz is no longer entitled to its use or privacy since a copy of your resume may be retained by that recruiter. Although private resumes are not publicly visible but information about the users procured by Chibbz from other public websites will be.

It must be noted that Chibbz strives its best to ensure that only guaranteed and legitimate users gain access to our profile and resume database, however we cannot guarantee the utmost exclusion of other parties with debatable legitimation. As resumes or profile information viewed and downloaded by a party cannot be retrieved by us, therefore it is advised that profile and resume creators abstain from putting up sensitive information pertaining to themselves for which they do not desire public disclosure.

This especially applies in case of listing referrals. Always make sure that details about the person, organization or institution that you have posted for the purpose of reference are backed by consent from the relevant source.

Chibbz does not appreciate entertaining resumes that contain controversial or sensitive data. Which means that while creating your profile and resume abstain from giving details of your race or ethnicity, your political, philosophical or religious stances or details of membership or affiliation with any such political or religious group. Abstain also from disclosing your biometric or genetic information, sexual and addiction history, sensitive information related to charges of criminal offenses, court proceedings or penalties assigned, involvement in illegal conduct or offensive behaviour and  information regarding your social security or national identification number. If you disclose some such information, you are required to take complete responsibility for it.


How We Share Information

Our service gives you the opportunity to share information about yourself and amplify your careers opportunities. We may share the information we collect from you with these categories of third parties:

  • Chibbz Worldwide, Inc and affiliated companies
  • Employers in the case you make your resume searchable for them
  • Companies hired by Chibbz to provide certain pertinent services.
  • Other third parties if legally required;
  • Other third parties when we receive your consent in cases such as resume writing services.


You give your consent for divulging your information to a potential recruiter and may be contacted by such employer for employment related matters if you:


  • Apply for a job;
  • respond with information that contains contact details
  • respond to a potential recruiter’s message with affirmation

Unless you give consent, we do not provide contact information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. We can also share information by:


  1. Doing it with our service providers, which are third parties that intervene in the delivery of our products and services. This third parties may be companies that provide: customer service, data analysis, website or web servers and databases hosting, marketing assistance, payment processing and customer management tools. Such third parties use your personal information when required to perform their functions but are not allowed to use that data for other purposes. Chibbz is responsible for any information shared this way.
  2. Disclosing information to third parties after receiving your consent for Chibbz to do so.

Please take note of the following important details regarding sharing of your information:

  1. a) Making your resume searchable will automatically make your resume available for viewing to parties with access to our information database. The same is the case with the information that you have made public on other sites which we retrieve.


  1. b) In case you require further details about the services offered by a third party, Chibbz is authorized to leave contact details of the said party directly with you for the transaction of information. Generally, we share collective information pertaining to our visitors and users with interested parties who are looking for a relevant audience to advertise themselves to.

We also devise an informative summary containing the necessary credentials of our clients, such as educational qualification, professional experience, location etc. to locate job titles that are relevant to you. One thing to note about this aggregated data is that it does not identify individual users for the recruiters and is publicly available for interested companies and employers. The information you divulge to us can also be transferred for retention to any other site that works in collaboration with our website. Also, this information will be governed by the privacy policies of the respective companies.

  1. Disclosing information that we have collected from other websites to third parties.
  2. Disclosing information when there is a legal mandate to do so, or at our discretion when requested by a governmental entity or if, acting in good faith after considering several factors including your privacy interests, we consider disclosure necessary for:
  3. Fraud prevention and investigating;
  4. Protecting national security;

III. Meeting legal requirements;

  1. Complying with legal process;
  2. Protecting our rights and property or those of our affiliated companies;
  3. Protecting the personal safety of users or the public.
  4. If a third party acquires any or all of Chibbz business units, we may provide and transfer personal information to them, regardless of the acquisition type, including merger, consolidation or purchase of all or a substantial part of our assets. Also, the court is authorized to subject Chibbz to dispose of such information via a transaction in case our site is summoned for a proceeding of bankruptcy. In case such transaction of information takes place. The users will be notified beforehand via an email or a website notice.

Cookie Policy Information

We are here introducing Cookie Policy for visitors to our website, application or all other digital platforms. This cookie policy helps the visitors to understand the purpose of the cookies that may be sent to them. In this policy document, “We”, “Us”, and “Our” is referred to as Chibbz platforms.

What are cookies?

We need some basic user information to work and run our digital platforms correctly. To store this information, we create some small text files on your device, which are known as Cookies. These files do not contain any virus nor they can run any program on their own. Only we can read our cookies. These files are intended to allow our platforms to recognize and keep a record of the users’ subsequent visits. Also, some other authorized websites are allowed to recognize the same users for certain purposes.

How do we use cookies?

Through this policy, we want to let you know the way we use our cookies. We use our cookies to improve your online experience with our site. Besides that, we use the cookies to accomplish certain tasks –


Things we do
  • Our cookies are designed to store your subsequent visits to our website. The information is used to improve the performance of our website.
  • We use our cookies for cybersecurity. The information stored in there helps us to prevent certain types of cyber-attacks.
  • Chibbz use cookies for referral purposes to partner sites
  • We use the user information such as your visits, duration of stay on certain content or other activity on our site for analytics so that we can serve you better
  • Our cookies allow us to display our ad on other platforms and social media based on your searches and preferences. Yes, we use our cookies for marketing purposes.


Things we don’t
  • We do not store your personal information from any other sites or your computer.
  • We do not track your activities on other sites or on your computer. We only store information for your activities on our website. Our cookies no longer work when you are not accessing our website or not clicking on any of our ads.

What type of cookies do we use?

We use different types of cookies to accomplish different tasks.

  • Essential –

    We manage your preferred stay logged in into your Chibbz account.

  • Security – We access your account securely through these type of cookies.
  • Performance – These cookies allow us to store information about the frequency of your visits or duration of your stay on a particular content. We use the information for improvement of your experience on our site.
  • Analytics – To track the most visited site contents or potential issues through the information stored in these type of cookies.
  • Advertising – We use your search keywords or search logs in these cookies, so that, we can use them to show you preferable advertises on your website.

You can Manage Cookies

We value your choice. You can decide and set whether you want to use cookies or not. Each time a cookie is being set, you’ll get notified or, you can simply opt out all the cookies. Use of cookies is different in different browsers. If you turn off the cookies, you’ll not be able to access all the features that improve your usability and experience on our website.


How Does Chibbz Collect Information?

Chibbz users provide information while signing up for an account on our platform. When you proceed to use our website, you are asked to provide some relevant information that our website can save and use later upon permission from the client.


What Kind of Information Does Chibbz Ask For?

Chibbz can only obtain information from the users if they wish. Generally, here at Chibbz, you are required to give:

  • The information that can allow the recruiters to contact you, such as your name, email address, house address, and phone number
  • Details from your resume which, among other things, include your job experience
  • The information you used to apply for other jobs on Chibbz.
  • Information that the third-party imports to us with your permission
  • Information delivered to Chibbz upon contacting it
  • Information pertaining to your credit card number and payment of bills
  • Information pertaining to your gender, ethnicity or race. Although this is not always customary but at times the law compels the recruiters to look for this information.
  • Information pertaining to your company name, the services it provides, the location etc.

Users are allowed to edit, correct or altogether delete the information that they chose to divulge to us by heading to your account settings. Following are a few other ways our site obtains information:


Single Sign-on: Signing in to your Chibbz account with Facebook or other applications lends to procuring information from your account and using it in your profile.

Referrals: this refers to obtaining personal information about others that you choose to provide to us. Chibbz usually asks for this information when the users wish to share content available on our website with others. Our site will then ask you to enter the name and email details of the one you wish to share the content with. With this information we can send your friend an email (only once) o visit our website for complete description. This third-party information is stored temporarily for the mere purpose of delivering the email.


Does Chibbz Automatically Collect Information From Users upon Accessing the Site?

Some information is automatically stored at our website when you proceed to visit or use either our website or mobile applications. The information generally relates to:

  • the jobs you search for and titles you click on to view
  • the IP address and the Internet Service Provider
  • the device ID and Browser type
  • every file that you view on our website
  • the operating system you work with, data pertaining to the date and time of your visit, clicking/streaming information.

Data pertaining to the categories listed above will automatically be transferred to our website where it will be saved for professional use only. Chibbz only obtains this information to enhance its clients’ privacy and protect them from fraudulent acts. This information can also be combined with your profile information for best and most pertinent search results.


Does Chibbz Accept Information from Third- Party

Chibbz is qualified for obtaining relevant information that you divulge to other websites for appropriate usages and upon your consent. We use this information to either generate a profile for you, in case you do not own a personal profile on our site, or to merge it with an existing profile to enhance visibility. You also hold the right to reclaim this information from us, in which case our website will delete this information as per the policy. However, Chibbz will continue to reserve the right to obtain pertinent information from other third parties.

Personal Information International Transfers Policy

Compliance with the EU-US  Privacy Shield Framework is of top importance to Chibbz, we follow a strict protocol when handling data received from European Union (EU) member countries, carefully applying the Privacy Shield Framework and its principles. Chibbz is a certified participant in this Framework.

According to the Privacy Shield Framework Chibbz is responsible for the treatment and processing of the personal information we receive including external transfer to third party companies that act on our behalf. We are in full compliance with the Framework’s principles, comprising onward liability provisions and other legal requirements.

The United States Federal Trade Commission enforces the regulation of the Privacy Shield Framework regarding personal information received or transferred under the Framework. Therefore, at certain times government authorities may require the disclosure of personal information for reasons of law enforcement or national security.

If other dispute resolution mechanisms have been exhausted you may have the right to ask for binding arbitration under certain and specific conditions defined by the Privacy Shield Framework.

We also transfer personal information from the European Union to the United States following standard contractual clauses.

Privacy Policy Changes

You will receive notification by email or website notice about any changes or updates made in our Private Policy in order to adapt them to any new data handling process. We recommend a periodical review of this site for this purpose.

Contact Information handling

Chibbz hosts and stores your personal information on servers situated in the United States.  Chibbz is the legal entity in charge of handling the data collected through all our channels, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with us at: You may also contact our third party dispute resolution provider if any of your questions concerns are not properly addressed.

European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss users are entitled to file a complaint at the supervisory government authority for data protection in their country of residence. Chibbz has a Data Protection Officer that you can get in touch within the event of any unsatisfied concern, who is available for contact at:


Important Information for California Residents:

The State of California has a special legal framework for the protection of privacy rights that you may want to take into consideration. This information is available for you at California privacy rights.


Chibbz App and Privacy Information

The data handling procedure described on this site fully applies to our Mobile App and all the information collected through that channel in accordance to legal requirements. At the moment of using our app, we may gather and use your data for:

Displaying jobs obtained from third party employment websites. When applying to any of these jobs Chibbz will be able to send your data to that website possibly resulting in them getting in touch with you in regards to your application.

You may be asked to provide a phone number by Chibbz for us to send you a text message containing a link for downloading our app. When doing this you agree that you own the number you are giving us and you won’t hold Chibbz accountable for any text messages charge. If you agree to this, we will collect your geographic location to show employment offers in your proximity. We will only store this data for a maximum of two weeks on our logs and of a year on our archives.

Social Widgets and Extended Applications

Chibbz offers its users an additional platter of extended applications and social widgets to like and share information with Facebook Like and Share This button. Pressing on these extended social applications will automatically subject the relative content/information to the privacy policies that the company, providing such facilities, endorses.

Chibbz’ Data Retention and Accessibility Policies

Retaining Information

Chibbz holds the right to retain information for an indefinite period of time. However, this is solely for the purpose of benefiting the clients. At times the right career opportunity could take a while to come along and here at Chibbz we ensure to grasp the opportunity when it comes along. With your information stored in our database we can propagate its transfer to the right company at the right time. Storing your information helps to enhance the efficiency, practicality and relevance upon successively using our site. Your information is stored at Chibbz as long as your account remains valid, or there remains a need to deliver you pertinent services, engage in issues of legality, agreement and solving disputes.

Ensure to sign in to your Chibbz account regularly if you do not desire your account to be suspended. Users that reside in the European Union, and have not accessed their accounts in five years will find their account expired and their resumes deleted. Before deleting your resume however, the user will receive an update via email about the removal of your resume.


Accessing Your Personal Information

Chibbz allow users to gain access to the information that we put up about them on our site. Moreover, you are allowed to edit, update or remove your profile upon will and whenever you desire. This will require signing in to your Chibbz account and click on your resume or profile settings. You are also welcome to contact our staff in case you do not possess an account or believe the information, we stored about you, to have been processed by another party. Chibbz also grants its users the right of data transferability and curbing its future processing.

However, we reserve the right to deny its users the privilege of editing, updating or removing information so long as this is resulting in the violation of another user personal safeguard and/or as the governing law permits.

Users are also allowed to contact Chibbz if they desire to ultimately delete their account. Before deleting your account Chibbz will update you with a confirmation email. However certain cases of legality, law enforcement, case disputes, prevention from scam and information abuse, security investigation, enforcing our User Agreement policies, requests for subscription termination to cease future updates or compliance with other legal and regulatory policies may require Chibbz to retain information that our users have divulged to us even after their account has been deleted from our website.

Chibbz ensures to provide its users access to their information upon requests as soon as the necessary pre-requisites for its observance are met. If it takes our site longer to provide access then our users will receive a supplementary response acknowledging their request receipts within the applicable time frame.

Chibbz can serve as a data processor if our customers store their databases on our servers. In case a client wishes to view or update information Chibbz can interfere appropriately, upon its customer’s request for assistance, to allow the user access to his/her future or existing employer for amendments.

Security Measures

Keep Your Username and Password Secure

Here at Chibbz we ensure secrecy and safeguard or crucial personal information that users divulge pre- and post account formation. We strive to prevent accidental deletion or illegal use of information by unauthorized parties. Our Security Centre can provide further information on how our safeguard policies and prevention measures work.

Your profile information and resumes are monitorable by our employers.

Placing an order online will encrypt your credit card information with industry standard encryption.