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Chibbz is extremely professional at handling and safeguarding the information that our users pledge to us. Our Privacy Notice Section is responsible for overseeing effective execution of services listed in our policy and to inform our users about the various ways we store and process information along with the authority vested in our customers to protect their private data.

Our website presents information pertaining to our privacy policies and services in a systematic and lucid manner for the benefit and easy understanding of our clients. Users can obtain information regarding their queries under pertinent headings. The Chibbz Ads head can be viewed to learn about our scheme of advertising and measures exploited to enhance results. Users can also learn more about Chibbz by visiting the Information About Cookies and Queries link.  Moreover, the users are welcome to contact us personally if our Queries page does not sufficiently dissipate their curiosity.

Chibbz also advices its customers to visit its Security & Safety services page that educates users on better and safer handling of personal and sensitive information. By clicking on Client Advertising link users can also learn more about the external partners that collaborate with us in processing, advertising and transferring information.


Important Topics :

Learn More About Our Privacy Policy

Chibbz is a career management venue which requires both the job seekers as well as the job listers to divulge important personal details. However, we also ensure the utmost security of this information. Users can learn more about our protective measures and their own share in this scheme by visiting our Privacy Policy statement page.

Privacy Queries

Chibbz’s owns a Privacy Queries page which caters to the most frequently incoming queries from our users regarding issues of privacy and security of sensitive information

 Ads on Chibbz

The information that our users post while creating their profile and resume is solely used for the purpose of bringing relevant job titles and career advertisements in their view. Visit our Ads on Chibbz page to learn more about this topic.


Click on the Cookie Policy Information link to learn about our cookies and how to save or delete the data on/from your web browser.

 General Queries

To resolve and query regarding Chibbz, account formation, services or privacy policy visit our Help Centre.