A job description may contain information regarding all necessary skills as well as soft skills required in the particular job. However, employers have an issue with whether to include the salary offer for the job or not to. Normally most candidates are usually curious to know what would be the pay if they took a particular job. But some employers claim that best employees are not money oriented but driven a passion to work in a particular field. Let’s see ways that the employer can use to post a job in their job description.

Use the concept of employee’s job passion

This may be done by offering a low pay for a job. Through this, the employer is able to get the best candidates who are not focused on the amount of money they will be earning but on their happiness in working for a particular company. The low salary offer may also be a strategy to get employees having good flexibility in case the salary is higher than indicated in the job description offered.

Include the compensation benefits

If a company includes its competitive compensation benefit in a job, more candidates will be interested to move in. However, it’s good for the employer to be clear on the basic salary to avoid upsetting employees since the benefits vary from one employee to the other. The employer should also indicate the flexibility of the compensation benefits thus the employee remains aware of a possible change in future.

Use the range strategy

A company which pays as per experience and skills an employee possess, have a greater chance of sorting out employees to place in various ranks as per their qualifications. In addition, the company is able to attract more candidates hoping to be categorized in the higher salary level. However, sometimes it’s disappointing to the candidates who apply for the job hoping to get a high pay but are considered to be in the low salary category. Offering a range also gives the company a chance to negotiate the salary with the employee within the range they offer. These negotiations lead to a mutual agreement hence the employee is contented with the salary and that promotes good will.

Avoid listing salary or salary range

While listing the employer matches the skills and work experience with the salary or salary range. In case the salary isn’t listed, be it a range or fixed amount, the employer get’s a good chance of negotiating. This allows the company to offer the best salaries to the highly qualified personnel and a low pay to the less skilled or inexperienced. By not listing the salary, employer keeps an employee’s benefits private. Listing the salary would make people already in the job upset because they feel that they should not earn the same amount as new recruits.

Posting a salary in the job description can be done in any way depending on the employer’s target. Taking into consideration the benefits of different ways of posting the salary, the employer should choose wisely.