Job Alerts 101

  • They are simply regular emails containing relevant info about upcoming and new jobs posted by recruiters on Chibbz. You can receive about 20 job alerts but these are customizable so you can change settings at will. 

    Note; Job alert notifications are sent to our users on the basis of the keywords they feed and their geographical data. Do not expect these notifications to be based on salaries or any other information. 

    Getting Job Notifications and Alerts: This section can educate you on all that there is to know about creating alerts. 
  • Yes, our notifications allow users to apply directly by opening those notifications. Click on any job in the list contained in your email. The link will direct you to a new window where you can apply for that job. 
  • Chibbz job alerts tool is based on an advanced system that compiles relevant alerts for each and every user on Chibbz. The alerts are based on your regular feed in the search bar and information picked from your posts. For alerts to match your resume and profile info try feeding similar keywords in the search bar. This will help to coincide the alerts and your expected job proposals. 

    1. Go to the Alerts Tab. 

    2. Navigate to the Email Preferences section and switch the ‘Receive Jobs Matching Your Criteria’ prompt on by turning its toggle green which indicates the service’s activation.

    3. Go to the Job Title Matching section and click on the field with which you want your alerts to match. You can either choose resume and activity or the keywords you enter. You can also opt for both. Moreover, setting keywords as your basis will require you to feed a preferred keyword for the job results to match. After feeding the keyword make sure to save it. 

    4. Do the same with your location by going to the Location Matching section. You can either choose the alerts to be based on your on-site activity or where you live. UPON CHOOSING Location as your basis for the alerts you will be required to feed a preferred location by clicking on ‘Add Location’. You will be directed to a new window to feed details of your location. Make sure to save the information you feed. 

  • Jacob does not represent a particular staff member but the entire Chibbz agency. Receiving a mail from Jacob corresponds to receiving a mail from our organization. Emails from Jacob are actually just job alerts that are being sent to you to help you find the right recruiter. Please note that Jacob cannot personally reply to you as it is not a person but the representation of our organization. It is not a recruiter, scammer, job lister or any such agency. 


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