Grading and Candidates Management 

  • Filtering candidates can require different criteria. These include filtering on the basis of

             Job type

             The date and time of application

             Your gradings

             Labels attached


    if you wish to filter candidates, simply follow these steps:

    1)       Choose ‘candidates’ from the dashboard on your screen and view the candidates listed as applicants of your post.

    2)       Click on the ‘All Filter’ tab towards the upper section of the page.

    3)       From the drop-down menu, select a filter type.

    4)       Click on ‘apply filter’ to start the process.

  • Yes, you can search candidates by navigating to your dashboard and entering any pertinent information about the candidate, such as his name, the job type, location etc.

    1)       After signing in, navigate to the ‘Search Candidates’ tab located towards the top of the page.

    2)       Type the criterion of the hunt in the search bar and follow this by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

    I want to grade candidates. What should I do?

    Grading candidates can optimize our search for the relevant candidates and direct a germane employee traffic towards you. You can grade a candidate via the following way;

    1)       Sign in and then navigate to the ‘search candidates’ option in your dashboard.

    2)       When the page bearing the list of your candidates appear, choose a grading scale from the Grading column

    You can also grade candidates by visiting the Candidate Profile Page and selecting the candidate along with a grading option.


  • To unhide a candidate, follow these steps:

    1)       Choose the light grey box that says ‘candidates’ from the dashboard on your screen. Then click on ‘Hidden’ option from the drop-down menu.

    2)       A list enumegrading the hidden candidates will appear on your candidate page. You can unhide them by clicking on the checkboxes next to these candidates.

    3)       Click on ‘unhide’ from the pop-up menu to unhide candidates.

    You will now be able to view these candidates listed on the viewable candidates’ list.
  • A candidate’s gradings can be altered either individually or collectively along with other candidates, helping us to optimize our search results.

    1)       Choose the light grey box that says ‘candidates’ from the dashboard on your screen.

    2)       There you will be able to tick checkboxes located adjacent to every candidate. Upon clicking the ‘name’ checkbox you will be able to check the entire list of candidates.

    3)       The selection will trigger a pop-up message allowing you to click on ‘change gradings’.

    4)       Choose your desired grading from the following:



    Not interested

    5)       Upon selection of a grading, the page will load again showing the updated gradings with new thumbs up, thumbs down and neutral icons.


  • You cannot completely delete a candidate from the system, but you can manually hide a candidate or use the “thumbs down” grading to automatically hide them. Here is how you can hide one.

            Log in and scroll to “Candidates,” select the candidate you want to hide from the list and click “Hide” from the pop-up window. To view hidden candidates, just hover over the “Candidates” button and click on “Hidden.”

  • When you a candidate with “thumbs down” it means you are “not interested” so they will be automatically hidden from view and moved to the “Hidden” candidates page. It works the same way if you go to their profile and click “hide candidate.” You can turn off the auto-hide setting if you don't want candidates to be automatically hidden.

            Log in, scroll right and click “My Account,” then scroll down and click on “Settings” and choose “Options.”

            From this page, click on “Candidate Auto-Hiding” and choose the “No, do not auto-hide all candidates marked “Not Interested” from now on” option. Once you are done, click on “Save.”


  •  We replaced it with the QuickGrade system to make the platform more easy to use. QuickGrade gives hiring managers a more dependable and intuitive grading system to use for candidates.
  • You have to add your team members as users on your account before you can collaborate with them on grading candidates. You will need to purchase extra user seats for a small price if your subscription only comes with one user seat. An automatic email invitation will be sent to the user after you add them. To activate, they will have to click on the link on the invite to create their own password, after which they will be able to view all candidates. You can even create and share internal notes and edit candidate status from the Candidate Details page.
  • You will not lose the candidates you received on a job post after closing it. You will be able to view them in the Candidates folder.

            Simply scroll to “Candidates” and click the button. A list of all the candidates that applied to any of your jobs will show up on the page.

  • GoodHire helps us run background checks on candidates on behalf of our customers. Here is how you can run a background check.

            Log in and scroll to “Candidates” on your dashboard, then select the candidate you wish to run a background check on. You can use the “All Filters” feature at the top of the page to make your search easier if you have a large number of candidates.

            Scroll to the right side of the candidate's name and click on “Actions,” then scroll down and select “Run Background Check.” Confirm the candidate's information, then scroll down and click on “Continue and Select Check Type.”

            On this page, you will find the three types of background checks you can run along with their details: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Select the type of check you want to run and click “Get Report.”

            You will be asked to set up a GoodHire account. Fill in the required details in the form spaces and select “Continue.” You will be redirected to the GoodHire site to complete your request. You can go straight to and log in to run your background check if you already have an account.



If you need to grade all the candidates who applied for a particular job, here is how to do so.