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  • Creating a new password while setting up another account at Chibbz is easy as we educate you on it via an email. To reset your password for the new account follow these steps: 

    1. Create a free account on Chibbz by clicking here in case this is your first time. 

    2. Click on Create Account, visit your email inbox to fetch our Welcome to Chibbz email.  

    3. The email has a Click here to rest your password link. Click on this link to enter your password in a new window. 

    4. After entering your password click on the save button.  

    5. After completing the fourth step you will find yourself redirected to the login screen with a message of shaving successfully set up your password. 

    Save this password for future sign-ins at Chibbz

  • Chibbz urges the user to confirm their identity again via logging in through their own Chibbz account so it can assure itself of the user’s identity and credibility. It makes our job of spotting suspicious movements on our platform is our users navigate our site via their account as their personal information is registered to let us know it is them whenever they make use of it. 

    If you do not receive any identity confirmation email visit, to sign in and submit an application or you can try recreating another password. Contact Chibbz if the problem persists. 
  • Candidates with their account on Chibbz will not be permitted to delete it from our site but they can shut it down. Refer to this link if you wish to close your account.

    Close account here. 

    It is also advised that before you venture on to shutting down your account, deactivate all of the alerts and notifications which you subscribed to ensure that your account is smoothly closed without getting interrupted by unwanted emails. To rid yourself of unwanted notices and alerts: 

    1. Bring your cursor over the icon that says Me, as you will do this you will notice the notifications option appearing.

    2. At the bottom of the page on the right side, you will see the Unsubscribe from all emails option, click on this option to terminate subscription. 

    As employers at Chibbz have access to our resume database, it might be that your resume or some of your profile information is already saved by them for professional use and these will remain this way even after you shut down your account. Users are advised to carry out the above-mentioned steps before they shut their accounts down. When you close your account you prevent future users to witness your resume or profile, and also yourself from logging in to our site via this account. 

  • Not at all. Job seekers will find this site to be a career management platform that offers its services for free. Searching for a relevant job, uploading cover letters and resumes, communicating with potential employers will not cost you anything.   
  • Chibbz will automatically create an account for you in case you have not accreted one and venture onto applying for a job in order to solidify your credentials by enabling you access to our services and tools. Moreover, you will be authorized to upload a cover letter, edit and update your profile information, receive similar job notifications, and access other facilities if you are a Chibbz account owner. You can contact our customer service team if you wish to unsubscribe yourself from email notifications or want to terminate your account. 

  • Remember that Chibbz is a career management website that maintains or builds its users careers by bringing job listers and job seekers together on our platform and creating a professional network that will provide users the opportunity to interact with some of these best business firms. When you approach Chibbz, you do not expect to be staffed to work but to meet other potential recruiters who might be interested in hiring you after assessing your profile and resume. However, if you are interested in consulting opportunity, please visit our Consultancy Page to read our consulting policy for further knowledge.

    Posting your resume and creating your profile will require you to follow these steps: 

    1. Click here to create a Chibbz account. 

    2. Fill the required fields. You can fill in more information later. 

    3. Click on the Upload Resume option. The click on Choose file to upload your most recent and detailed resume on our site. Your resumes will be reviewed by the potential employer via the Apply Now or 1Click Apply application design. 

    4. Complete the process by clicking on Create Account

  • You cannot update your email address if you are logged in to your account with the same email credentials and desire to change it. If you wish to update your account, visit your email inbox, go to Click here to reset your password and then update other sorts of information. 
  • As of yet, Chibbz is serviceable only the United States and we cannot facilitate outsiders in procuring a citizenship or a work visa for themselves. Moreover, we are unauthorised to sell this kind of information to the users on behalf of any recruiter. Some recruiters take care to fill in information about citizenship or work visa when they post a job ad but the best way to learn more about it is to ask the recruiter personally after he contacts you for a possible hiring. At Chibbz, there is no service to those jobs per say that will assist you in procuring a work visa


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