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  • We provide our customers with the service to publicise their ads via our website. We market your advertisements on more than a hundred sites, and job boards ensuring that your advertisements receive exposure from the most relevant audience.
  • Perform the following steps: 

    1.  log in to your Chibbz account. Navigate to the bottom and select ‘Terms of Use’. 

    2. You will be directed to our Term of Use Page. The hyperlinks can take you directly to the information required by you. 

  • As of yet Chibbz only operates in the U.S. nevertheless the ads can be searched by users in other countries.
  • Follow the instructions below to access our blog. 

    1. Scroll down from the dashboard, and choose the Blog link. 

    2. Go to the employer tab located at the top of the page 

    3. Upon selecting the tab you will be given the option to access our blogs that includes content on: 

    • Recruitment 

    • Applications

    • Templates

  • Our lowest package begins with $249 per month. At Chibbz, we generate an implementable and effective strategy to meet your company’s needs and requirements. Our plans generally make use of such data for groundwork as the number of jobs you post on our site, the total number of resumes you need downloaded, user seats, your company and its policies and your company’s geographical information. You will not be charged for any plan that we devised for your assistance unless you review and customize it as per your needs. You can personally contact us to learn more about customizing your plans. 
  • When you post a job on our site, we distribute it amongst all major social networking sites and search engines. Google being one of them can post your ad and synchronise it with its regular search index allowing larger marketing. 
  • Our job posting guidelines give a lucid account of the wide range of jobs that can be posted on our site. Visit our Terms and Conditions page to learn more about your job types.

  • Chibbz is supported by Google Chrome the best. Browser incompatibility could arise from a number of factors. Try refreshing your page and history every once in a while. The data could be removed by navigating to the clear cookies page as well. You are also allowed to contact our Customer Support team in case the issue persists. 

  • Chibbz only deactivates an account if the user stands guilty of violating any of our terms of use. Accounts that are deactivated are manually reviewed. Users whose accounts are deactivated by our site can learn more about the reason for deactivation by contacting our Customer Success Department or send an email to our Trust and Safety department. 
  • Chibbz does not allow posting a solo job ad. In case you only wish to post one job, subscribe to our smallest package. If you choose to add more jobs but have exhausted your package then switch to the next package. 
  • At Chibbz, we have presented a very lucid and clear policy regarding which posts can appear on our website and which will be banned from appearing. Job ads that specifically ask for payment from the users upon application, or upon acquiring any training from your firm, or for sample products; trials will not be processed on our site. Our terms of use pertaining to posting ads also admonish users to refrain from indulging in multi-level marketing and business opportunities. If you want to learn more about our policies in this regard, visit our guidelines pertaining to the posting of ads. 
  • At Chibbz, we offer subscription packages, each allowing a different number of jobs to be posted on the page. You can get a sound understanding of how these subscriptions work by running the trial. If you have opted for a subscription package you can view the related details by following these steps: 

    1. Go to the ‘my Account’ prompt located in the upper section of the page. As you hover over the prompt, choose ‘subscription’ and ‘overview’ listed in the drop-down menu. 

    2. The page will display every related information about your subscription: the activation date, number of jobs that can be posted etc. 

  • At Chibbz you can participate in live chat rooms at a specified time to learn more about your account info. 

    1. Navigate to your dashboard and bring the cursor over ‘Help’. 

    2. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Live Chat’ 

    3. Provide the required information in the opening chat box the choose the ‘chat now’ option 

    4. After you have resolved the query you can end your chat by selecting the ‘ End Chat’ button.

  • Chibbz keeps a track of candidates viewing your ad and those who apply by generating ‘visitors’ and ‘apply clicks’ which are counts that come into existence as your ad is viewed or applied respectively. Moreover, our web cookies prevent multiple counting of the same visitor. 
  • Job posts are not removed from our site unless taken down by the lister himself. We advise refreshing your posts to sustain the incoming traffic flow. You can visit the ‘How to Refresh Job Posts’ link in our FAQs section to learn how to refresh posts. 
  • Chibbz does not rate success on the basis of industries. A number of factors can render a post successful. While posting your ad you will be required to enter a category, we suggest you to go for one that matches with your job description the best. However, there are other factors that are more pertinent to making your job successful. Try getting these details right. 
  • This allows you to manage your posts on various stations via the same platform saving you the trouble to visit multiple boards. You can contact us to request for a board inclusion of your choice.  
  • Chibbz will only refuse to post an advertisement on the site if it violates any of our Terms of Use. Ours is a very deeply integrated network of innumerable users and we have to strictly work in accordance with our policies to ensure credibility. Contact our staff in case you want to learn more about our policies or terms of use. 
  • No. Our platform automatically shares your job post with our 100+ job board partners. This does not include veteran and sponsored boards.
  • We send your job posts to all our job partners as soon as its ready. However, we do not control how it is displayed by the partner after the job is delivered. You may need to wait a while longer for the board to update their pages, or try using a different search word because search engines sometimes do not display your job ad with the search words you expect. 
  • With the exception of veteran and sponsored boards, we automatically distribute your job posts to all our job boards. 

    Veteran boards require an additional fee and are not included in your subscription. Sponsored boards like LinkedIn are not included and require an extra fee too. However, you can share your jobs posts on your social networks for free, you only need to log in. 
  • At times our partners do not grant us the authorization to use their name on our site for open publicising. To ensure that we do not transgress any boundaries we refrain from openly displaying the job boards. 
  • You will be notified via an email if a job seeker applies under your job head. The emails will include details which can allow you to personally contact him/her such as the phone number, email etc. Moreover, a detailed application status is automatically saved in your account. Navigate to the Candidates’ tab or click on the box that reads ‘candidates’ to learn about interested applicants. 
  • You can contact our tea via an email:

    1. Navigate to your dashboard 

    2. Bring the cursor over the tab that says ‘Help’, when the drop-down menu appears, select the ‘Email or Chat with Us option’. 

    3. In the drop-down menu, there will be a list of reasons for contacting. Choose the one that applies to you, feed the required email and type your message. The select the ‘send message’ option. 
  • The trial period allocated by Chibbz is more than enough to give you an idea regarding how effective our platform can be for marketing your ads. Your trial period will allow you to gain access to the same services as you would avail upon actual subscription of our package so you will secure a complete idea of how our system works. 
  • Job posts refer to the advertisements you post on Chibbz to recruit candidates. Job slots refer to the number of jobs that can be posted when you subscribe to a package. For example, an applicant with four job slots can post four advertisements and then replace them the other day with newer posts. In case you want additional slots, upgrade your subscription package. 
  • Visit our site to learn about our board partners. Chibbz collaborates with more than a hundred job boards including Sponsored and Veteran Boards who can post your jobs. However, posting job on the latter will require an additional payment of the fee but this will not be the case with social networking sites. 
  • As long as you have a Chibbz subscription, you will not be charged extra to post to most of our job boards. We provide the option of posting to several Sponsored job boards like LinkedIn for a small additional fee. 
  • No. Craigslist is not one of our partners at the moment. But we partner with over 100 job boards where your ads will be posted on. Sponsored posting options like Traffic Boost can increase traffic to your ad by up to 100 new visitors. This option includes sponsored placements, and listing your job ad in daily alerts received by over 15 million active job seekers. 
  • Yes. Chibbz gives you a four day free trial. This allows you to post a job for free and hold on to the candidates that apply. To do this, go to our homepage and tap the “Post a Job” button, then select a plan and enter your credit card details to validate your account, then complete your job posts and begin scanning candidates. 
  • There is no need to include this information in the job description because we will send you an email everytime you get a new candidate on your ad. Not including this information will prevent candidates from skipping the application process and contacting you directly. By going through our platform, and tapping “Apply Now” to send their resumes, you can view and review their applications online. 
  • Your posts will require a minimum of 24 hours to be accepted by external boards so you might try waiting for that period of time. If you persistently encounter zero activity contact our Customer Success Team who would plan an exposure scheme for your site. 
  • Employers are permitted to accept candidates without the availability of their resumes as there are positions that do not require candidates to post them. To accept such a candidate, perform the following steps:

    Go to your dashboard and select ‘Jobs’ taking you to the page showcasing the jobs you have posted. 

    Locate the job for which you want to accept the application without resumesand bring your cursor over them, when you see the option saying ‘Manage; select it. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can click on ‘Edit Details’. 

    At the bottom of the page you will be able to locate the ‘Accept Applications Without a Resume’ option, check this box to activate it. 

    Click on ‘Save Changes’ to permanently secure your settings. 
  • Chibbz sends potential hirers emails of opting for a four-day trial period as an invitation to scrutinize our website, customer services, marketing strategy and other applications. The offer code is to be added on your credit card page and is to keep us informed about your source of hearing about our site. You might not avail the offer code at all, but still run for the trial. Contact Chibbz for more information on this matter. 
  • Follow these steps to cancel out your free trial: 

    Go to the upper end of your screen to ‘My Account’ and select it. Choose ‘Subscription and Overview’ from the drop-down menu. 

    Select the ‘Cancel free Trial’ option. 

    Choose a reason to cancel this trial from the menu to continue. 

    Now select the ‘Cancel Free Trial’ again for the cancellation to process. 

    Upon cancellation you will come to this screen 
  • Generally, it only requires Chibbz a few hours to verify your account on our site. Verification of your account is required before you begin to avail our services as it is policy to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of both the recruiters as well as the employees to make our website credible and safer to use. With the great number of users and partnered social networking sites it takes us a while to verify your account, however if verification of your account requires more information about you and your firm you will receive an email from notifying you of this request.
  • Your four-day trial to test Chibbz services is absolutely free. You will not be charged with any amount upon running or cancelling the trial. You can learn about your billing details via the following steps: 

    1. Go to the ‘my Account’ prompt located in the upper section of the page. As you hover over the prompt, choose ‘subscription’ and ‘overview’ listed in the drop-down menu. 

    2. Locate the heading that says, ‘First Billing date’. It specifies the time and date on which your billing will activate
  • Follow these instructions to locate job boards by visiting the Veteran Post page. 

    1. Visit our Veteran Post page. 

    2. Choose the ‘job Boards’ option listed under ‘For Employers’ at the bottom of the page. 
  • Signing up at Chibbz will require you to type your offer code on the credit card page. However, entering offer codes are not mandatory to seek eligibility for the free trial. If, for some reason you are unable to publish your offer code just proceed through the rest of the field without it. 
  • Chibbz does not have a partnership with Indeed currently. But we partner with over 100 job boards where your ads will be posted on. Sponsored posting options like Traffic Boost can increase traffic to your ad by up to 100 new visitors. This option includes sponsored placements, and listing your job ad in daily alerts received by over 15 million active job seekers. 
  • Your posts are distributed on many job boards but we cannot guarantee that every board will post your ad. Moreover, we do not exert any control over Google search algorithms hence cannot interfere with the ads that are posted on it. 

  • A job slot is the maximum number of job posts you can place on job boards at any time. This means that if you have a subscription plan with four job slots, you can post only four job ads. You can swap a new job ad with an old one by closing the old. However, if you desire more job slots, you will have to go to upgrade to a higher plan. 
  • To find more information about posting recurring jobs, go through our evergreen job info. 
  • You can view your account activity by navigating to your dashboard. It keeps a record of all activities that took place on your site. Such as the incoming traffic, your posts, the remaining credits, job slots left or filled etc. 

    1. Simply log in to your Chibbz account and navigate to the bottom of the page. 

  • Your credit card number serves two functions: we can ensure the user’s legitimacy, and continue smoothly in case you wish to opt for a subscription after the trial period is complete. 

    You are also authorized to opt for a cancellation of the trial.

  • There is no limit to the number of candidates who might be interested in your advertisement. Anytime a candidate posts his /her resume in response to your assignment, you will be able to view the information listed via your account. The information will be listed under the tab ‘candidates’. The tab ‘candidates’ will be available in your dashboard. 
  • The number of job boards, external websites, and other social networking sites that are affiliated with Chibbz and can be availed for marketing your ads is more than a hundred. We consistently look for ways to widen your audience’s radius by including new boards on our site. Visit our website to learn more about the boards that are partnered with Chibbz. You can post your ads on these sites through the following ways: 

    When you subscribe, your ads are posted on job boards that have partnered with us for a long time. 

    Chibbz also allows its user to choose the sites for posting their ads via their account. You will be required to authenticate information once to post your ads on both Facebook and Twitter. 

    Jobs can also be posted on LinkedIn upon payment of an additional charge. 
  • Chibbz has partnered with a few credible and preeminent job boards that are visited in hefty amounts by users looking for employment. The list comprising of names of the job boards that have partnered with Chibbz enumerates both the subscribed job boards as well as Veteran and Sponsored boards. The latter two are excluded for your subscription package as they require extra payment. The job boards marked as requiring the additional fee are excluded from your subscription. 
  • Some of the most preeminent boards work with us. You can contact our site to learn about the Veteran Job Boards in association with us. 
  • Chibbz does not impose any such limitation. Any number of candidates can view and apply for your job.  
  • Typically, it takes 24 hours for a new job post to show up on other job boards. It takes the same amount of time to update a job description on a post or remove a post when the ad is closed. 
  • Posting your job on various boards via Chibbz will save you a lot of time plus the confusion of integrating several inboxes’ data. Through our platform you will be able to remain updated with the number of applicants for your posts at the same time. 


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