Ads ON Chibbz FAQ’s

How do you determine what ads to show me?


Chibbz uses a combination of factors to determine the type of ads we show you, these factors include: information provided by you (e.g. Gender, interests and age), IP address and the search terms you choose on our site. We may also pool this data with information we acquire from third parties or that is found on public websites including browsing history. Take into consideration that this information does not personally identify you.


What’s your ad turning off Policy?


Our business model relies on ad revenue; it permits us to give you the best service in the market. Therefore, we can’t allow users to turn off ads.


Do I have to receive Ad Network publicity if I use your site?


No, you do not have to. Please click HERE and follow the instructions to avoid receiving third parties targeted ads.



Does Chibbz have a Job Ad Portal?


Yes, we do. Third party sites also offer job postings that Chibbz shows you as an ad, we use your previous searches on our site to infer what type of offers you may be interested in. Click HERE to see an example of the way we target and add.



Are there any consequences of opting out?


Targeted ads allow us to show you useful information that may be relevant for you, if you opt out you will not be shown access to such information.


Do I have to receive Third Party Ads if I use your site?


We allow our users to op-out from third parties advertising, if you wish to know the third party companies we are working with to show you this types of ads, you can find a list by clicking HERE and you can follow THESE steps to op-out from third party ads. You can also block these types of ads by managing your browser cookie settings.