Customize Payment Details

  • If your credit card has expired or changed, you will have to update the credit card on your account to reflect the new one. Here is how you can update it.

            Go to “My Account,” scroll down and click on “Subscription” and then on “Credit Card. Fill in the new credit card details in the required form spaces, then click the “Save Credit Card” button when you are finished.

            After your credit card details have been uploaded successfully, a green confirmation bar that reads “Your changes have been saved” will appear on the screen.


    To view the current credit card in our records, scroll to the “Overview” section of your subscription page. You will find the credit card details under the “Credit Card” tab.


  • Some credit card providers have blocks when buying software/computer equipment. So if your card has been declined, please contact your card provider and inform them you are using it to pay for  Chibbz Recruiter.


    If that doesn't work, consider clearing the cache and cookies from your browser and re-entering your credit card details. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team at (877) 252-1062 at any time for assistance.
  • To update the credit card you have in our records, simply

            Go to “My Account,” scroll to “Subscription” and click it, then click on “Credit Card.”

            Now enter your new credit card details into the required fields and scroll to the green “Save Credit Card” button. All future charges on your account are going to be charged to this new card.


 Do you have questions about how to change, replace, or edit the payment options on your account? Below are some guides.