We are here introducing Cookie Policy for visitors to our website, application or all other digital platforms. This cookie policy helps the visitors to understand the purpose of the cookies that may be sent to them. In this policy document, “We”, “Us”, and “Our” is referred to as Chibbz platforms.

What are cookies?

We need some basic user information to work and run our digital platforms correctly. To store this information, we create some small text files on your device, which are known as Cookies. These files do not contain any virus nor they can run any program on their own. Only we can read our cookies. These files are intended to allow our platforms to recognize and keep a record of the users’ subsequent visits. Also, some other authorized websites are allowed to recognize the same users for certain purposes.

How do we use cookies?

Through this policy, we want to let you know the way we use our cookies. We use our cookies to improve your online experience with our site. Besides that, we use the cookies to accomplish certain tasks –


Things we do

  • Our cookies are designed to store your subsequent visits to our website. The information is used to improve the performance of our website.
  • We use our cookies for cybersecurity. The information stored in there helps us to prevent certain types of cyber-attacks.
  • Chibbz use cookies for referral purposes to partner sites
  • We use the user information such as your visits, duration of stay on certain content or other activity on our site for analytics so that we can serve you better
  • Our cookies allow us to display our ad on other platforms and social media based on your searches and preferences. Yes, we use our cookies for marketing purposes.


Things we don’t

  • We do not store your personal information from any other sites or your computer.
  • We do not track your activities on other sites or on your computer. We only store information for your activities on our website. Our cookies no longer work when you are not accessing our website or not clicking on any of our ads.

What type of cookies do we use?

We use different types of cookies to accomplish different tasks.

  • Essential – We manage your preferred stay logged in into your Chibbz account.
  • Security – We access your account securely through these type of cookies.
  • Performance – These cookies allow us to store information about the frequency of your visits or duration of your stay on a particular content. We use the information for improvement of your experience on our site.
  • Analytics – To track the most visited site contents or potential issues through the information stored in these type of cookies.
  • Advertising – We use your search keywords or search logs in these cookies, so that, we can use them to show you preferable advertises on your website.

You can Manage Cookies

We value your choice. You can decide and set whether you want to use cookies or not. Each time a cookie is being set, you’ll get notified or, you can simply opt out all the cookies. Use of cookies is different in different browsers. If you turn off the cookies, you’ll not be able to access all the features that improve your usability and experience on our website.



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