Chibbz’s Individual CV Database Server Statement

Chibbz makes no claim of endorsing or owning the data preserved in our database upon collection of information. Apart from other information, our database preserves employee’s information, those who already have joined companies via our websites network’ and those who are currently looking for job opportunities. This information includes details about their qualification, work experience, interests, skills and expertise, preferences and other such data that may help our employers in finding the right candidate for themselves. Depending on the type of application, the personal data may contain details that can allow our customers to personally identify our candidates.

Chibbz does not warrant, represent or claim responsibility for its customer’s privacy terms and legal practices in this regard. The data available in our database could be processed for use to our customers who host this database and have access to our user’s information for professional use only. This processing of information and their use of it is in strict accordance with the legal agreement that transfers the hosting right to these parties. Moreover, the manner of treatment by our customers of the private information secured in our database is subject to the privacy policies of that customer.

Chibbz advises its users who see themselves as possible candidates for job advertisements or which have already been chosen as employees by any company must familiarize themselves with that company’s privacy policy by visiting their website or consulting their HR Manager. Updating, viewing or editing your profile and other such information collected in these hosted databases will require you to contact the employer whose company you are interested in. You can also be ensured of Chibbz’s cooperation in case such a request is made by any user of our site.

Chibbz users have a number of services, pertaining to the hosting of private databases, at their disposal offered by our site. They will also be entitled to the use of certain applications related to this database. Chibbz reserves the right to either host these databases on its own server or on a third-party’s server in case a legal agreement authorizes that party to host it. Content in our database will not be displayed on our website.