Chibbz Security & Safety SERVICES

Welcome to the Chibbz Security & Safety Services

We are dedicated towards the safety and security of your information on our job portal. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, we devote ourselves to shield your personal information and each step to ensure a seamless journey towards your goals through our portal.

What do we do to protect you?

We have implemented some features that you can use to keep your personal information safe online.


  • Verification of the Employers – We verify the employers thoroughly to ensure least fraudulent job postings on Chibbz portal
  • Private Resume – If you are a job seeker, you can make your resume private to the employers you apply. This certainly reduces the searchability of your resume by other employers but safeguards your personal information from fraudulent ones.
  • Verification code for multiple login attempts – Users are sent a verification code if someone tries to login into their account multiple times, or tries to log in from any other device.
  • Security Activities – We perform regular checks, assessments and security tests on our portal ensure prevention of new cyber vulnerabilities.

Some Tips for your safety

  • Do not entertain any suspicious email that seems to be from Chibbz but is not sent through our channels. This technique of security attack is known as Phishing. Emails can be sent from an unknown user that are from our registered domain, contains an attachment that asks you to enable macros, a certain threat or claim to block or lock your account, or contains information that is too good to be true(you are selected for our company etc.). These emails can steal your personal information and use them for fraudulent purposes.
  • If the email or request claims that they belong to any company, you can always verify through the company website, phone numbers, etc.
  • Use Antivirus, Anti Malware, firewall etc. and update them regularly to protect your system.
  • You should not click on any attachment that contains an extension of the script that can run(.js, .jar etc.) or zip files.
  • You should not share sensitive information like bank account details, PAN Card details or credit card details over phone calls, emails or instant messengers. Genuine employers will ask you whatever is required after you get selected and join their organization.