Chibbz Candidate’s Profile and Resume Database

Chibbz Candidate’s Profile and Resume Database

  • If for some reason your web browser fails to display the resume, try the steps listed below:

    1)      Switch browser to Google Chrome. This is the browser that best supports our website.

    2)      Clearing cache and cookies can also be helpful in case the problem persists.

              3)      As a last resort, try contacting Chibbz’s customer support service.
  • Yes. Employers are required to pay as they have to subscribe to a plan for accessing our database.
  • The resumes you can view by skillset in our database is not limited. Resumes that you might find of interest in our database can be downloaded and printed by you for personal record keeping. The limited set of ‘Resume Database Views’ pertains to the resumes that you choose for a complete perusal. You can view as many resumes in their complete capacity as your subscription plan offers. Your resume view count keeps updating as you view each resume’s complete description.

    To locate this count:

    1)      Go to your dashboard and select ‘Resume Database’.

    2)      Upon reaching here, click on ‘My Viewed Resumes’tab in the top section of the page.

    3)      Using the ‘All Filters’ tool you can filter the candidates that you have reviewed. Similar, you can apply other tools to custom manage and rate the candidates.

  • Job seekers are not required to pay anything for opting into our resume database.
  • Adding resume views to your count will give you access to a greater number of resumes in our database, to add more views follow these steps: 

    1)      Sign in to your Chibbz account.

    2)      You can click on the ‘Resume Database’ on your dashboard or the one located in the bottom section of the page to view the resumes.


Our database stores resume of over a million candidates. This is the perfect spot for you to catch the perfect potential. Chibbz authorizes users to gain access to our database for the satisfactory perusal of its candidates.