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 Chibbz is a technology-sell company located in Dallas, USA. It is new on the market and has a lot of the brand things like newest computers, smart phones, iPads etc. You can feel that positive atmosphere when you came to buy something – people who work there are very kind and can give you lots of information that you ask about the products. The prices are also great.

Because they want to open more stores along the country and resume the work in the future, they have the need of employees. For someone, especially a young person that is into technology, there can be an interesting and motivational work place. Searching for both: full-time and part-time workers.

You can check their job portal – they have to offer you not only products to buy, but also a different kind of jobs if you need one. So maybe it is time to change something for better – why not begin with a new work place that you need to?