Candidate Resume

  • To search for a candidate’s resume by entering a keyword, follow these steps:

    1)       Go to the ‘candidates’ prompt on your dashboard.

    2)       Select the candidate whose resume you require.

    3)       When the candidate’s profile page appears, go to the original resume tab and click on the magnifying glass icon below.

    4)       Feed you keyword. As you will do so, the same keywords will be highlighted throughout his/her profile and resume content.

  • There are two ways to print resumes for safekeeping them in a file. Simply follow these steps:

    1)       Sign in to your Chibbz account and go to the ‘Candidates’ box located on your dashboard or the ‘Candidates’ tab.

    2)       Click on the name of the candidate, whose resume’s print you need. After the resume is displayed on the screen, simply click on the ‘print’ icon.

    3)       There is also a second way to get these prints. Click on the ‘Candidates’ tab to view his/her profile page. Go to the first tab that says, ‘Original Resume’. Get a print by clicking on the ‘print’ icon.

  • You can use QuickRate to assess and rank your candidates based on certain pre-determined factors. These can also help Chibbz to assert the lists of possible candidates for you. You can seek Quickrate by following these steps:

    1)       Navigate to your dashboard on screen. Bring your cursor over ‘Jobs’ and then select QuickRate. The tool can only be activated if there is a list of potential candidates for assessment.

    2)       Go to your dashboard again and bring your cursor over ‘Jobs’, then choose either ‘active’, ‘closed’ or ‘archived’ jobs depending upon your advertisement’s ongoing status.

    3)       Now choose a job title listed on the Job Page and click on QuickRate, positioned next to the titles, to activate the service

    4)       You can now rate the resumes on the basis of your interest. The thumbs up, down and neutral options indicate your feelings of interest, disinterest, and neutrality towards the resumes respectively. 


  • To add notes to a candidate's profile, click the “Candidates” button on your dashboard, select the candidate's name, then scroll to “Internal Notes,” enter the notes and click “Add Note” once you are done.
  • Completed time refers to the time that a candidate took to fill in your interview questionnaire. Information of this type can help you with making comparative notes. You can learn a candidate’s completion time by navigating to the candidate’s profile page and selecting the interview tab. The information will be displayed towards the right end of the page.

  • Employers, who encounter inappropriate or objectionable behavior from potential employers can report them to Chibbz via the following process:

    1)       Sign in to your Chibbz account and go to the ‘Candidates’ tab. You will find this tab in the left section of the screen

    2)       Search for the candidate you wish to report via the search engine.

    3)       From the results, choose that candidate.

    4)       The candidates’ profile page will appear. Select the ‘Actions’ button in the right section of your screen. 

    5)       A drop-down menu will give you the option to ‘report candidate’. Click on this option.

    6)       As you click, you will be asked to select a reason from a drop-down list. Comply with this instruction.

    You must also compound this with a personal elaboration on why you needed to report this candidate. Our Trust and Safety Department will analyze your report and take appropriate measures.

    You can also personally contact our staff or resolve issues via email.

  • Think of labels as identifiers to help you locate candidates easily. Various labels such as ‘response awaited’, ‘interview pending’ etc. can be appended to a candidate’s profile for quick filtration later. While your account will keep check of these labels, they will remain obscured from the candidates. To attach labels to candidates, follow these steps:

    1)       Sign in to your Chibbz account and go to your dashboard to click on ‘Candidates’

    2)       Select the candidate from the list to append your label to him/her.

    3)       Go to ‘labels’ towards the right side of the screen. Create a label by typing one and then clicking on ‘Add Label’, you can also choose to press the enter key.

    4)       To view the labels that you attach toa candidate, navigate ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Labels’ available in the drop-down list.

  • Viewing a user’s labels and other content is contingent on that user’s restriction policies at Chibbz. You can view the restrictions that a user has imposed on outsider’s access by following these steps:


    1)       Sign in to your Chibbz account and go to your dashboard to click on ‘Users’.

    2)       If you want to impose restrictions on a user, select that user’s name then chooses the ‘Actions’ option and click on ‘Edit User’ available in the drop-down list.

    3)       Once on the user’s page scroll down and select different restriction you want to impose on that user in the ‘Access Settings’ section. To allow users to view your labels simply tick the box saying’ ‘View All Jobs and Candidates’.

    4)       Remember to ‘save changes’ by clicking on this option.



  • As of yet, users cannot perform this activity. We might incorporate this facility, however, in the near future.

  • Labels can be deleted via two ways. If you delete your label the first way, you will only remove a label from a candidate’s profile, the second way will allow you to delete the label itself from the user’s list of labels. You can opt for either of the two:

    The first way:

    1)       Sign in to your account and go to the Candidates tab in your dashboard.

    2)       From the list of candidates, choose the one whose label you want to be deleted

    3)       The candidate’s profile page will appear. Click on the x icon next to the labels located towards the right. This will remove the label.

    The second way:

    1)       Navigate to ‘my Account’ from the drop-down menu, chose settings, following with clicking on the select option in the next drop-down menu.

    2)       Click on the red X icon towards the right of those labels that you want to be removed.

    3)       A warning pop-up will notify you that upon the labels’ deletion this way, you will remove the labels from every candidate’s profile that contained this label. If you want to go ahead with the deletion, click on delete, otherwise click cancel.



  • All those users who possess access to our candidate’s profile and resume database can view the internal notes appended to a candidate except for the candidates themselves. 
  • Chibbz Resumes are default resumes that are based on the information that a candidate has provided in his profile and resume. It has a particular format that supports quick scanning and skimming. If users still want to view the original resume, they can do so. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Original resume’ prompt on a candidate’s profile page. This resume can also be downloaded or printed via the relevant icons on the page.
  • To view the notes, study the instructions below:

    1)       Sign in to your Chibbz account and then navigate to your dashboard. Bring the cursor over the option saying ‘Candidates’, then select ‘All Candidate Notes’.

    2)       You can now view the notes appended to a candidates’ profile including other content such as a timestamp, miscellaneous notes etc.


Review the following section to learn more about managing and rating resumes to give us a clear understanding of your search type and candidate requisites.