Bills & Invoices

  • If you want to see your purchase history or print your invoices/receipts, here are the steps you should follow.

            Go to “My Account,” scroll down and select “Subscription” and then click on “Invoices/Receipts.” You will find your purchase history, including premium posts, added features, and auto-renewal payments on this page.

            Select the Invoice ID of the invoice/receipt you want to print, scroll to the top of the page and tap the “Print” button, then follow your computer prompts to print it. 

  • W-9 is a form company use to pay verified vendors. It provides users company with proof of payment and flow of funds in case of an audit. The form shows a client's financial team that Chibbz Recruiter is a legitimate business and has a tax identification number.



This section is here to help you figure out how to access the invoices/receipts associated with your account.