Ads on Chibbz

Chibbz’s Job Ad Portal directs relevant job advertisements for your viewership on our website and sites belonging to the third parties affiliated to our website. Generally, we direct job advertisements for your viewership on the basis of the data collected from our clients pertaining to their qualification, fields of interest and location. Moreover, no disclosure of your personal information to any third party takes place prior to obtaining consent from our users. The keywords you enter while searching for jobs are also retrieved as information that can help Chibbz in directing more relevant traffic towards you. For more information, users are invited to view our Job Ad Portal.


Third-Party Advertisements

Chibbz can sell advertisement spaces to recruiters who can post an advertisement that can be viewed by our users. When a company posts advertisement, it can customize and save its cookies on your browser. It can also make use of information related to incoming traffic, the location and user’s browsing pattern to target advertisements accordingly. Chibbz can also claim assistance from third parties in order to learn more about the interests, and other relevant personalized information about the user. This helps Chibbz to direct more relevant advertisements for the user’s benefit. Let us assume a client named Catherine registers on our website, after inferring and saving her gender as female, we may seek help from other parties to retrieve more relevant information about her and posit the right job advertisements in her way. You are allowed to learn more about the companies that advertise on our website by visiting the Third-Party Advertising page on our website.

Chibbz does not claim responsibility for the work and ethical practices of the third parties that advertise on our site. Neither do we indulge in divulging sensitive information about our users to these parties without prior consent. For reasons of granting a lease to only legitimate third parties, we motivate our clients to visit their website and help us via their reviews and opinions about them.


Manage Your Advertisement Traffic

Chibbz is authorized to comply with the Self-Regulatory Principles which have been outlined by the Digital Advertising Alliance when it comes to Online Behavioural Advertising. At Chibbz we target information based on, amongst other relevant information, the behavioural data of our users. However, you are allowed to manage the frequency of this behavioural targeting and can even terminate some advertisements from appearing altogether. You can visit our Privacy Policy page and learn about the various ways you can reject cookies and terminate targeted advertisements. There are a number of ways this can be done.


Decline Job Ad Portal Targeting

  • If you wish to opt yourself out of the Job Ad Portal targeting click on the Customize or Opt out a link at our website. You are allowed to update or edit the information that is stored on the Customized Career cookie.
  • Opting out of Job Ad Portal Targeting will not result in the termination of these ads on our site, as you will still be able to view the advertisements. However, they will not be targeted towards you per say.


Declining Third Party Targeted Ads

  • Deleting the advertiser’s cookie is the simplest way to rid yourself of third party posts. However, you can also customize your web browser to the declining-third-party-cookies setting.
  • Certain advertisers take care to include instructions that guide users to opt their way out of targeted advertising in their privacy settings. Our Third-Party-Advertising page will provide you with the names of all our associated third-party members. Since most of these are members of the Network Advertising Initiative, visiting the NAI website can help you to learn more about opting out of targeted ads.


  • Opting out of Job Ad Portal Targeting will not result in the termination of these ads on our site, as you will still be able to view the advertisements, however, they will not be targeted towards you per say or relate specifically to your interests.


Remember that changing browsers or computers will not automatically transfer your cookie settings to your new device or web browser as cookies are peculiar to one device or browser.