Account Management 

  • Follow these instructions to update your information. 

    1. Go to ‘My Account’ located at the top of the page 

    2. Click on settings available in the drop-down menu then choose ‘Company Info’ 

    3. Update your information as you like. 

    4. Make sure to click on ‘save’ to secure changes made.

  • You can change your account info i.e. if you possess one on Chibbz

    1. Navigate to your dashboard and select ‘Users’ 

    2. On the new page, type your name, then go to ‘Actions’ and choose ‘Edit Yourself’ in the drop-down list. 

    3.        A page titled ‘my Details’ will appear next. Update information to           your liking and remember to ‘save changes’.
  • Your account may be deactivated if found to be violating our Terms of Use. If you have questions about the deactivation, feel free to email us at:

  • When you post a job, or perform an activity via your account that gores against our possibly and is on the verge of hurting our website’s credibility then we are authorized to take actions as we deem fit. Activities like posting ads asking employees to pay for viewing advertisement or seeking training at your centres violate our terms of use. You are advised to familiarize yourself with our policies before accessing our site.

  • It means that your account is yet to be approved. Before your jobs can be posted, our Trust & Safety team runs all new account via a verification process to ensure quality and legitimacy. It usually takes a few hours after signing up to approve your account. If we need more information about your business, we will send an email asking you to call us. If you want to activate your account, you can reach us at:
  • To change your email notifications, perform the following steps: 

    1. Go to ‘My Account’ and choose ‘settings’ from the drop-down menu, then choose ‘Users’ 

    2. Select the username that you wish to edit 

    3. You are to then navigate to the ‘Notifications Section’ and check or uncheck boxes according to the notifications you wish to receive. 

    4.        Make sure to ‘save changes’


Review this article to learn how to manage your account in the best way.