Accessibility Guidelines

Chibbz is your platform to help you find the perfect job for you.


Chibbz offers an extremely user-friendly and amiable -looking interface to work with. Our design is unique but simple; moreover, new and improved features are constantly added for the benefit of our users.

How to Create an Account on Chibbz?


Chibbz offers numerous opportunities for job seekers, network navigators and tools for career development. To make use of these at your earliest you will either be required to set up your own account or log in through your Facebook account. Once you are logged in our platform gives you a chance to design your profile, create your resume and seek potential jobs that fit your needs.
To create an account, follow these steps.

  1. Go to to access our home page.
  2. Go to the navigation menu and click on ‘Join us’.
  3. Once you fill the text boxes in the ‘Become a Member’ form the ‘Create Account’ option will be activated.
  4. After you successfully submit your form, chibbz will take you to another page that will display your fed information and present you as signed up.
  5. In case there is an error, refresh the page. An information summary containing the links to the erroneous fields will appear. Clicking on these links will redirect you to these fields. You can edit the information before re-submitting.
  6. Your account has almost been created. The last step involves membership confirmation. To confirm your membership you will be required to click on a link that will be sent to your email account for email verification.



How to Edit Your Profile?

Creating an impressionable profile that fully demonstrates your professional expertise, qualifications and other important personal information brings you a step closer to procuring sound career management advice and job opportunities.

Editing your profile is easy and involves the following steps.


  1. Click on the sign in link which is available in the navigation menu at any page on our site.
  2. You will be required to feed your email address and password to activate the ‘sign in’ option.
  3. Go to ‘Edit profile’, available in the drop down list next to your First and Last name link in the header.
  4. Based on the type, your personal information is sifted into different sections. Each section ought to be edited separately. When you click on the ‘edit’ option in each section you will be allowed to edit the information displayed in that section. Once you edit the information make sure to click on the ‘ Save Changes’ button. This allows the section to permanently save the changes.

How to upload Resume?

Upload your resume as it allows recruiters to view it and save for later consideration.

  1. Go to the navigation menu and click on ‘Resume’.
  2. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the page that allows you to ‘manage resume’.
  3. Fill in the text box asking for your name and ‘desired job’.
  4. Upon completion of the previous step, the ‘make this resume searchable to employers’ link will be automatically activated. In case you do not want this facility de-select the option. In case you have uploaded more than one resume, choose the resume that you wish to render searchable for the recruiters since we only allow one resume to be searchable at a given time.
  5. You will then go to the field that says, ‘Upload an Existing Resume’. Choose ‘Browse’ to search for the resume you want to upload. Our site supports a number of file types such as doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf or .txt file.
  6. Choose the ‘Upload Resume’ option.
  7. With your resume uploaded the page is refreshed and it brings you to the option of modifying your ‘Resume Search Setting’. You can click on the link directing you to the ‘main content’ for editing. The more information in your resume settings, the greater will be your chance of getting spotted by the recruiters.

How to Create My Resume? 

Once you have created a Chibbz account and have signed in through it, you can venture onto creating your resume. There are two ways to create your Chibbz resume with both requiring signing to your account.

Creating Your Chibbz Resume– ensure similitude with your profile data while building a resume.

  1. Go to the navigation menu and click on ‘ Resume’.
  2. This link will take you to the page that allows you to ‘manage resume’. Ignore other links and activate the ‘Add Resume’ option.
  3. Once you activate the Add resume link, a ‘Create Resume’ page will appear. go to the ‘main contents’ of the page.
  4. Fill in the text boxes asking your ‘Name’ and your ‘Desired Job’.
  5. Upon completion of the previous step, the ‘make this resume searchable to employers’ link will be automatically activated. In case you do not want this facility de-select the option. In case you have uploaded more than one resume, choose the resume that you wish to render searchable for the recruiters since we only allow one resume to be searchable at a given time.
  6. Your form is ready to be submitted, just click on ‘Create resume’.
  7. After your resume is uploaded you can go to the ’main content’ link to verify information from the resume summary.
  8. If you wish to edit information presented in sections, click on the ‘edit’button. You will notice that the fields pre-contain the information obtained from your profile. Clicking on the links available in each section will direct you to new pages. If you wish to manoeuvre to the Main Page you will have to skip links in the sections to approach the Main information for editing.

The fields are as follows:

  • Contact Information
  • Summary
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills and Languages
  • Membership and Awards
  • Interests
  • References
  • Resume Settings
  1. Once you have edited your information to your satisfaction save it permanently by clicking on ‘Save Changes ‘.


How to Find Jobs on Chibbz?

  1. Every page header on our website contains the ‘job search’ field. Click on this field.
  2. You could either type keywords in the ‘Any Job Title’ field or the ‘Any Skills or Keywords’ As you filter through the search box use the tab key to help you navigate from one field to another.
  3. You can then enter the initial letters of the name of the city in which you are looking for the job, the type-ahead facility in the drop-down box will give you the possible places you are looking for. Choose the city you are interested in.
  4. Click ‘search’ for Chibbz to begin searching for the most relevant and pertinent jobs for you.
  5. Once the search is completed, the results page will provide you with the list of all relevant job titles. Click on any job title that you find yourself interested in. you will be brought to the complete description of the job.
  6. There is an ‘advanced search’ link at the very top of the search page, clicking on it can bring you enhanced results.
  7. The ‘advanced search page’ allows you to fill in additional information in the ‘additional criteria’ field that allows you to precisely determine the companies, range of your desired salary, the exact kind of job you are looking for, and the amount of experience you accumulated over the years.
  8. After filling in additional information click ‘search’ for updated results.


How to Apply for a Job?

The job view page enables you to apply for a job. You will either be required to apply with a ‘Chibbz’ account or apply by merely listing your email address and posting your resume. Sometimes you will be taken to the recruiter’s own site to fill in information.


The results page will enable you to select a job title, view the description and click on the ‘apply’ button at the bottom is you are sufficiently interested.


How to Save Your Search?

  1. On the results page go to Saved Searches and click on the ‘Email me Jobs’ options. This will enable us to email you the search results.
  2. However, before that you will have to sign in or register yourself.
  3. Saving the search once enables you to receive new recommendations that are in accordance with your demands. You hold the right to decide how often you may receive these emails or if you want to receive them at all. You can change the settings by going to the navigation header and clicking on ‘Jobs’, a dropdown menu will appear, click on ‘Saved Searches’ in the list.
  4. Go to ‘emails sent’ on the same page to change the frequency of your emails from the options available in the dropdown list.


What If I Am Not Logged In?

  1. In case you are a Chibbz account holder, go to ‘Sign in’, enter your email address and password in the two fields respectively then tab and activate the ‘Sign in’ option.
  2. Users who do not own a Chibbz account will be required to go to the Sign-up/Join us option and enter their email address and passwords in the relevant fields.
  3. Navigate down the main content section of the page and start filling in the fields. You can also post your resume.
  4. The ‘I want to include a cover letter’ option further allows you to write a cover letter in the text box.
  5. You will then be required to accept our Privacy Policy Statement and Terms of Use & Service. You can do this by clicking the check box.

Click the ‘Submit’ option at the bottom of the page to complete the application process.


What If I Am Logged In?

  1. Chibbz allows users that are already signed in to their Chibbz account to navigate the page containing the ‘apply’ button. Before submitting your form go through the information for verification including your resume’s title.
  2. You are allowed to skip cover letter but in case you wish to post a cover letter, click on the ‘cover letter’ field; clicking on the control will give you a cover letter entry box to post your letter.
  3. Click on the ‘submit’ option available at the bottom of the page.


Email Requirement 

At other times you will only be required to enter an email address and post a resume while applying for a job. You will be facilitated in your page navigation with a screen reader’s guidelines and instructions during the process of applying for the job.