5 Tips to Save Time and Maximize Your Job Search

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Everyone wants to achieve success in the most effective way but most people fail to realize that the key to productivity is living an organized life. This is true in every aspect of life as much as it is essential in the job search.

Most people fail in the job search because they are either not searching smartly and effectively or they are dedicating quite a little time on it. The quality and quantity of time you invest in job search matter a lot if you must achieve success. Here are sure-fire strategies for an effective job search.

1.Set Out Goals

Most successful people are known for having clear and precise goals. If you must succeed in anything in life, you must set realistic goals.
Furthermore, it is not enough to set goals, you must also figure out how to achieve those goals. This is a vital component of a successful job search.
By setting out goals, you will be distinguished from most other job seekers and the goals will help you to go for jobs that only align with your core values and beliefs.

2.Be Organized

Living an organized life pays great dividends, especially in the job search. To hit the hammer on the nail in job search, you need to make sure you streamline everything you need for the search. Organize your files, documents, samples, cover letters and resumes both online and offline in such a way that you can easily pick them up anytime.
Nowadays, most companies hire people via LinkedIn and several other online platforms; you can leverage these platforms by updating your online portfolios and profiles.

3.Make Schedules

One important precursor to being organized is having and keeping to schedules. Job search is a task, and like every task, it requires schedules.
You can make schedules for every job search activity such as sending emails, making calls, going for interviews, and checking job listings. This will help to prevent the activities from clashing with some other activities you are involved with whether you are already fully employed or fully unemployed.
You can make a to-do list each day that would reflect each of your schedules.

4.Apply Savvily

Too often than not, job seekers think that they will land their dream job by throwing out their resumes in the air, but it doesn’t usually work that way, in fact, this approach could be very ineffective.
One effective way to job search often neglected by tons of job seekers is networking. You need to customize your search by networking with the right people. Most jobs nowadays are landed via personal or professional references.
It makes sense to talk to people you know but make sure you are opting for the jobs you are qualified for and also create highly customized resumes and cover letter for each job.


One of the most effective ways of getting your dream job is networking. Of course, this assertion does not make a little of the need to make calls, send queries and check listings but these activities should occupy only a small fraction of your job search time, the rest of the time should be spent out there networking.
Networking involves making personal and professional connections, attending functions, parties, and events relevant to your dream job; hanging out for lunch and drinks with colleagues; being active on social networks, and treating everyone with due respect and as a friend.

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