10 Tips to Hire the Best Employee for Your Company

, 10 Tips to Hire the Best Employee for Your Company

Hiring the right employee can sometimes prove to be a challenging process. You don’t really want to hire the wrong employee to fit in your company as it might prove to be expensive, time-consuming and hurt your work environment as well. If you want someone to have a positive impact on your work environment, an employee that will increase productivity, then you don’t really want to hire the wrong one. Well, don’t fret over it since we’ll be providing 10 tips for hiring the right employee for your business.

In terms of goals and accomplishment, positive forward thinking, hiring the right employee will enhance your work culture about tenfold. In addition to all of that, you are pretty much guaranteed of not wasting your time by investing yourself professionally and emotionally in employer-employee relationships. That process can prove to be costly if it is with the wrong employee. If you wish to have more luck in getting the right people working for you, then make sure you follow these 10 tips we’ll be providing you.


Job description

In order to plan your recruiting strategy, the job description will play an important part in attracting the right candidate. In order to get the right job description, you’ll have to collect several information about a particular vacant job in your business. The collection of that information is known as job analysis. The information that you’ll be collecting will be in the form of responsibilities, job title, skills required, work environment and so on. This is a significant step in developing a good job description for your future employee.


Recruitment Strategy

Once you have the job description, you now need to consult different members of the recruitment process team in order to get an overall idea of the employee you are looking for. Once that is done, your strategy is already in place. All that is left is to execute it. Usually, you have to set up a team for the recruitment so that they can share info for the recruitment process. This can usually be done via any messaging platform or even by e-mail.


Check listing

You need to have a checklist. This checklist would have been made by consulting your key employees about the qualities they are looking for in the new employee. This checklist will help you separate the good from the bad employee once you’re done interviewing candidates. It also helps you keep track of your recruitment progress.



Finding the Right Candidates

It is possible to develop a professional relationship with potential employees long before hiring them. This is done by asking questions and having good communication skills. Sometime several interviews might be needed in order to know if you have found the right one.


Reviewing Applicant’s Application

Now that you see the applications piling up, it’s time to get your job description out and start reviewing the different CVs, application letters one by one. With your well-crafted job description on one side and the applications of the other, you should check to see if they have the different skills required as per your checklist or if they can develop those skills once recruited. Taking skills, qualifications, experience and all the others into consideration, you want to be interviewing the ones that match your list or are even better.


Evaluating Candidates

Evaluating potential employees before hiring is done in order to save time for the recruitment and selection process. While many potential candidates may have in an impeccable resume, a first interview has to be done in order to evaluate if they have the required skills and qualities to do the job at hand. The latter is also done so as to know what their expectations are in terms of responsibilities and salary. During the questioning part, it is also possible to detect if the potential candidate will fit within the job culture and the working environment.


Interview and Questioning

Questioning is good, but asking the right questions is much better. In order to hire the right employee, you would want to make up a list of questions you want to ask and put them in the right order for a good follow-up. The fundamental thing when hiring is being able to separate good and great employees from average and undesirable ones. As mentioned above, to get those answers, questions have to be put in a timely follow-up fashion that will have them give you honest answers. Some questions might include “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or even “Why did you apply for this job and what do you expect?”


Background Check

You need to ensure that a background check is done before hiring an employee. Each and every reference they provided need to be verified along with their experience, skills, and credentials that they claim to possess. Some can be checked by having the right certificates while other sources need to be called to inquire. Another thing is that you need to make sure that you’ve checked their criminal history and ensure they have an official document provided to prove their claim. Never take a claim on word with any evidence.


Job Offer Extension

Once the potential candidate and your business have agreed on different conditions, salary, severance pay, working hours and so on, it is now time to send a job offer letter to make the agreement official. Usually, you’ll have to provide them some sort of document to sign so as to make it legally official. However, if the job is a high ranking one, like replacing an experienced member, then the salary, bonus, benefits and so on will take more time when negotiating. So we hope you have a good negotiator or is one yourself.

Professionally Crafted Letters

Finally, when hiring, whether it be my e-mail or letter, you need to have it made professionally since it represents your company tone as a whole. The letter should contain a welcome speech and pass the right info in a clear manner so that it is easy to understand. So make sure it is well written before sending so that you can pass a good message along the way.